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Man May Be Arrested After Admitting To Driving Without Licence On Jeremy Kyle

Man May Be Arrested After Admitting To Driving Without Licence On Jeremy Kyle

One of today's guests might be in trouble with the police after admitting he drives without a licence. I know most people on the show aren't the sharpest tool but, come on, what an idiot. You don't admit that live on TV - or ever. I mean it's obviously the police's favourite show.

Take a look here, where he admits to it, seemingly unaware of just how thick he is...

Credit: The Jeremy Kyle Show/ITV


A bit of pretext for you. Cheyanne brought her ex-boyfriend Andy on The Jeremy Kyle Show, which is always a good idea. Cheyanne also brought on her ex-best friend who Andy left her for. What a fun reunion!

Cheyanne and Andy had both been on before, when they both failed a lie detector test, and after the show Andy ditched her very quickly for his new beau.

I honestly don't know why people do this. Cheyanne thought she was pregnant with Andy's baby so thought it was good to tell the world about it.

But things took a twist when Cheyanne admitted giving a drug dealer oral sex for drugs. I think the police will also be interested in that little tidbit, too.


Come 'ere love, I'll giya a blozzer! Credit: ITV

Back to the driving. Cheyanne revealed that she had bought her boyfriend four cars in the eight months they were together. That's almost a car every month - is that a weird anniversary thing?

"Why'd you buy him four cars?" asked Jeremy.

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Turning to Andy, he asked: "What did you do with them? Can you even drive?"

Laughing, Andy replied: "I can drive, but I ain't got a licence."

"You think that's funny? I hope the police do something and throw the key away. Once this goes out on TV, you're getting nicked!" said Jeremy with glee.


'Get off my stage, you scum!' Credit: ITV

As he should - it's dangerous enough driving round town without morons thinking they can drive without a licence.

Some good news...

It's not all degenerative, apocalyptic end-of-times stuff on Jezza.


One of the most heartwarming Jeremy Kyle stories was when the show actually paid for this guest's teeth to be fixed after Twitter criticised her protruding gnashers. Maybe JK isn't such a bad guy after all! And at least someone's story had a happy ending. (As well as the drug dealer, of course).

Words Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: The Jeremy Kyle Show/ITV

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