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What Is The Whisper Method On TikTok? New Manifestation Trend Explained

Sonja Tutty

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What Is The Whisper Method On TikTok? New Manifestation Trend Explained

The whisper method is trending on TikTok with people claiming they are able to manifest a text from a crush.

The manifestation method has taken over the internet with users saying the manifestation technique is full-proof. The trick involves a person imagining they are whispering into a person's ear, hence the name.

Although it sounds easy, there are some rules to follow for it to be effective according to a video by TikTok creator Aura (@auravibin).


The TikToker said in order to enter into someone's "dream world" to pass on a message, the person manifesting must be coming from the 'highest vibrations' and a 'space of love' for everyone involved.

The first step is then to imagine the target person sleeping and yourself in their room. Aura then says to imagine walking up the side of their bed and whispering in their ear.

"So, it could be 'text me' or it could be 'call me' or it could be anything you want them to do that's coming from a high vibrational space."


The next step is to imagine walking to the other side of the bed, whisper the message into the other ear, and kiss them on their forehead. Lastly, walk out of the room and close the door.

While it may seem crazy, people are adamant it really works. Responding to Aura's clip, people commented: "I tried it and he is literally obsessed with me right now."

Another said: "I just did it and he texted me 3 seconds later, I am literally so shocked."

Chloe on TikTok as @bitchcraft444 said she recently tried the technique and had "instant results" unlike other manifestation methods which have taken longer. She recommended that people using the method are very clear with the message they pass on and try breathing exercised beforehand.


Others have taken to Twitter to share their opinions on the manifestation trick. One person joked: "Girls would rather do a whole manifestation ritual instead of texting you first."

Despite the skepticism, others on Twitter were surprised with the method seemingly working for them. "So.. I did the whisper method and it worked in less than 24 hrs. I’m shook," one person said. Another posted: "the whisper method actually works wtf."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

Topics: TikTok, Twitter, Health, Mental Health

Sonja Tutty
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