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Who has been confirmed for Married at First Sight Australia 2023?

Who has been confirmed for Married at First Sight Australia 2023?

We've got the lowdown on what's next for the drama-filled reality show.

The latest ensemble of Australians in search of love has been revealed, with the 10th season of Married at First Sight now midway through production in Sydney.

The upcoming instalment in Nine Network’s popular television ‘experiment’ promises to be stacked with contestants that already have a large following.

The 2023 cast includes social media influencers, a former Big Brother UK contestant, and a Neighbours alum, as well as some contestants who are perhaps less well known, including a child-care worker, tradies and an insurance broker.

Here is the complete cast for Married at First Sight Australia 2023:

  • Adam Seed - Sydney-based TikTok Star and Model
  • Alyssa Barmonde - Sydney-based Food Influencer
  • Bronte Schofield - Perth-based Influencer
  • Caitlin McConville - Queensland-based Make-Up Artist and Influencer
  • Cam Woods - Northern Territory-based Tradie
  • Claire Nomarhas - Melbourne-based Childcare Worker
  • Dan Hunjas - Gold Coast-based Marketer
  • Duncan James - Sydney-based Insurance Broker
  • Evelyn Ellis - Sydney-based Big Brother UK Star
  • Harrison Boon - Sydney-based Tradie and Part-Time Stripper
  • Janelle Han - Perth-based TikTok Star
  • Jesse Burford - Perth-based Rock Vocalist and Wedding Singer
  • Joshua White - Sydney-based Marketer
  • Layton Mills - Sydney-based First Dates Star and Cannabis Entrepreneur
  • Lyndall Grace - Perth-based Musician and Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Advocate
  • Mel Shepherd - Sydney-based Hairdresser
  • Melinda Willis - Brisbane-based Beauty & Fashion Mogul
  • Ollie Skelton - Perth-based Voice Over Artist and Account Manager
  • Rupert Bugden - Brisbane-based Wireman
  • Sandy Jawanda - Melbourne-based Dentist
  • Shannon Adams - Melbourne-based Neighbours Star
  • Tahnee Cook - Bondi-based Podcaster

A show source told Yahoo that this casting was done strategically.

“This year's cast have almost one million followers between them and some are already classed as celebrities in certain circles. Producers are hoping this will equate to record-breaking ratings and attract more younger viewers than ever before," they revealed.

“Every year there's pressure to be bigger than the season prior and having a cast full of people already comfortable on camera, who know how to perform, also makes it easier for drama to unfold.”

Of course, fans of the show, or anyone who happens to frequent news sites whilst this show is airing, will be familiar with the drama viewers have now come to associate with the show.

Despite its best intentions to successfully pair up single cast members with their perfect romantic match, this is not always the case.

The show has certainly delivered some incredible success stories, such as Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant, but unfortunately, many couples find the match isn’t strong enough to survive beyond the cameras.

Or if they even last that long.

Nine is yet to announce the exact date that fans of the show (whether openly or not) can enjoy the show’s irresistible drama in the exciting new season, but take comfort in knowing that in a short while you won’t be able to avoid it.

Featured Image Credit: Nine.

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