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Woman who can't stop farting gets body cracked to 'stop gases' and does it in doctor's face

Woman who can't stop farting gets body cracked to 'stop gases' and does it in doctor's face

She was getting her body cracked in the hopes of curing her constant farting

Being a doctor means that when it comes to treating your patients there really is nothing off the table, including catching a full blown fart in the face.

That's what happened to one unlucky doctor when she got a patient who just couldn't stop farting and went in for a chiropractic treatment to see if that might sort the problem out.

This was all for TLC's show Crack Addicts, which follows Dr Alessandra Colón and her quest to improve people's health, one bone crack at a time.

An assortment of people show up with various problems and Dr Colón cracks their bones, that's basically the premise of the show, but this time, and this time she had to deal with a patient who farted in her face while she tried to work.

The doc had to treat a woman called Brenda, who apparently was in need of a good bone cracking, to help relieve her farting issue.

Dr Alessandra Colon treats people for TLC show Crack Addicts, where she cracks their bones to find cures.

She found that the woman's pelvis was an inch higher on one side than the other and had also internally rotated.

Apparently this could 'pinch a nerve', which might impede signals in the digestive system, and result in problems that could lead to excessive farting.

While they do say it's better out than in, there does come a limit where people would probably wish someone's wind wasn't blowing quite so constantly.

Anyhow, the doc had Brenda lie down and proceeded to crack her bones in sequence, with them making a very satisfying noise as she worked her way down her body.

However, as Dr Colón got further down, her face ended up in the blast zone, and as she went in to crack another bone she caught one right in the face.

She was just trying to crack a patient's bones and got her face farted in.

In fairness, she did tell Brenda to 'take a big breath and let it all out', though that's probably not what the good doctor meant.

While she might have caught a bit of whiffy wind, she could at least see the funny side of it all, laughing almost as soon as it happened.

She said: "I was not expecting her to fart in my face but I was gonna take one for the team."

If you're planning on getting your bones cracked as a medical treatment, then it's a really good idea not to try and sort this one out by yourself.

There are professionals there for a reason, as one man who went blind when he tried to crack his own neck and ended up giving himself a stroke instead.

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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