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Woman suffers unimaginable pain after mistaking superglue for eye drops

Rachel Lang

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Woman suffers unimaginable pain after mistaking superglue for eye drops

In life we all make mistakes. It's normal. Common. No big deal. Right?

Well, usually. Because there are normal stuff-ups and then there's this.

New York woman Lydia Hartman somehow get her eyedrops and superglue mixed up.

And yes, you read that correctly.


She mistook the superglue for her medicine, despite the intense smell and it being vastly different in consistency to her eyedrops.

We can't quite wrap our heads around it, but either way, it was done.

She's squeezed superglue into her eyeballs and under her eyelids.


Naturally, being superglue, it did what glue does. In a super way.

Hartmann wound up documenting the hospital visit and recovery process are her wild mix up, she grabbed her eyedrops from her nightstand one night.

Snaps from the TikTok clip showed her in a hospital gown, in her triage bed, and doctors prying her poor lids back.

Yes. It did hurt, she said.

Credit: icyylyd/TikTok
Credit: icyylyd/TikTok

"They had me apply an ointment that breaks down and dissolves the glue," she said.

So, a medical team rubbed cream over her eye but her lids did not budge.

"It didn’t work so they started picking at the glue trying to separate my eye,” Hartmann said as per the clip.


Still nothing. Was this going to be her life forever now? Living with blindness from superglued eyelids?

Anyway, what came next was apparently rather an ordeal for the young woman.

"They [then] took me to a private room and used a metal tool to pry it open and finally got it to open," she said in the clip.

She showed close ups of her eyes too and, kids, don't try that at home.

Credit: icyylyd/TikTok
Credit: icyylyd/TikTok

Not that we really should have to explain that.

People on social media did not understand how she made such a stuff-up.

One user asked: "How the hell did you manage that? Did you net read the bottle? For future reference, put super glue in a drawer or somewhere else."

Another person added: "I really hope you have a picture of how you got confused between superglue and eye drops." But there was mercy in one comment, with another TikTok user revealing this happens all the time.

They quipped: "Former ophthalmic tech here! This happens WAY more often than you’d think."

So there you go.

Dumb mistake, lesson learned. And one error she'll never make again, no doubt.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/icyylyd

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Rachel Lang
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