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Intense WW2 film Narvik has become Netflix's new number one film worldwide

Intense WW2 film Narvik has become Netflix's new number one film worldwide

A new WW2 film is climbing the rankings on Netflix

A new film about World War Two has quickly become a favourite with Netflix viewers as it is now the streaming service's number one movie in several countries.

Narvik, which was released on Netflix on 23 January, has been a smash hit with audiences and secured the number one top spot in Sweden, Belgium and Denmark.

The Norwegian drama is set in 1940 and revolves around the small town of Narvik, which is the source of iron ore for Nazi Germany.

Narvik is set in Norway during World War Two.

Narvik is based on the real life events of the Battle of Narvik, in which Norwegian forces, alongside the British and French, dealt Hitler his first defeat when they recaptured the town.

Norway had originally declared neutrality when the Second World War began in September 1939, but soon found themselves invaded by Nazi Germany.

The film itself focuses on the Tofte family, primarily corporal Gunnar and Ingrid, who are caught up in the middle of the conflict between the Allied Forces and Germany.

Since its release, Narvik has received rave reviews from across the board.

One viewer said: "The German attack on the town Narvik was Hitler's first defeat and makes up for a good true story movie."

Another commented: "A thrilling and poignant look at one of the early battles of WWII, apparently the biggest conflict Norway has ever faced [...] Beautifully shot and well written, with tense war [action] scenes and lessons/themes to think about."

Narvik is based on the real life Battle of Narvik.

While a third wrote: "It’s compelling, compact and action-packed, a thriller that begins with testy negotiations and tense stand-offs in the Norwegian port city where Swedish ore was being shipped to both the Germans and the Brits, showing us the difference between Norwegians who chose to surrender to 'save the town' and those who chose to fight."

Ready Steady Cut's critic M.N. Miller called the movie a 'stunning looking war film that's naturally gripping and does an above-average job playing up the moral dilemmas'.

This Nordic outing is just one of Netflix's most recent successes in the war film genre, as All Quiet On The Western Front, released on 28 October 2022, has received nine nominations at the upcoming Oscars.

The film, which follows German soldiers in the heat of battle during WWI, is up for the several Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best International Feature.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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