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Men say they have transitioned to enjoy 'female privileges' in controversial new documentary

Men say they have transitioned to enjoy 'female privileges' in controversial new documentary

The 'benefits' of transmaxxing are listed in this LADbible exclusive clip

A controversial new documentary explores men who say they’ve transitioned to enjoy ‘female privileges’.

Relatively unknown, the term ‘transmaxxing’ refers to an underground subculture that’s often linked to incels.

Now, let’s be clear, a transmaxxer is not someone who transitions because of gender dysphoria - like much of the core trans groups of the LGBTQ+ community.

Instead, these are people who chose to adopt female identities to enjoy what they deem as ‘female privileges’, from the likes of cheaper car insurance to cleaner bathrooms.

In the doc - which is part of Channel 4's Life Uncovered series - presenter Ben Zand meets with Sammy, a young transmaxxer who previously identified with incel culture.

They explain how they didn’t look like a ‘manly guy’ before transitioning but now they’ve adopted a female identity and enjoys having men ‘offer a lot’ to them.

During the new documentary, Ben and Sammy read through the ‘transmaxxing manifesto’ where one transmaxxer outlines what the benefits of transitioning from male to female.

Some of these ‘benefits’ include the ‘superiority of female aesthetics’ and the bathrooms being ‘cleaner and generally more pleasant’.

The manifesto also claims being a transmaxxer ‘is a way better option’ than being an incel.

As Ben reads out how the subculture can access ‘cheaper car insurance’, Sammy explains: “You should take every advantage given to you.”

Sammy says they didn't look like a 'manly guy'.
Channel 4

But as the presenter asks them if you should ‘potentially change your sex’ just for this, they say: “I don’t think that’s a primary reason to transition.

“But it’s definitely a secondary reason.”

Other benefits listed include 'being able to attract cis lesbians', having 'softer skin', and: "People will treat you better if they think you are female."

A testimonial in the manifesto, sees one transmaxxer who ‘massively improved’ their life by transitioning.

It reads: “I was only 5’8 starting out and had a 2.7 inches erect penis…

“Since being on the hormones I’ve lost weight, so I’m closer to 5’7 now, I’ve been on oestrogen for six months.”

Ben asks: “What do you think of changing your sex because you have a 2.7inch erect penis and you’re not that tall?”

It’s a simple answer for Sammy: “I think that’s pretty reasonable.”

The transmaxxer manifesto includes 'being able to attract cis lesbians'.
Channel 4

After listing some of these controversial ‘benefits’ from transitioning from male to female, the pair meet with trans woman and LGBTQ+ consultant Julie, who says transmaxxers are part of the ‘general transgender community’.

“They are gender diverse,” she explains, before claiming that ‘a lot of’ 'female-bodied people' already go about seeking the benefits of men with lots of money.

She claims: “A lot of female people who get up in the morning look dreadful, but they’ll put on an awful lot of makeup, a lot of nice clothes, so that they can be attractive to the person who drives a Rolls Royce.”

I’m Not A Woman But I’ll Take The Benefits: Transmaxxer Life Uncovered is now available to watch on the Channel 4 Documentaries YouTube page.

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues and want to speak to someone in confidence, contact the LGBT Foundation on 0345 3 30 30 30, 10am–6pm Monday to Friday, or email [email protected].

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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