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Woman’s ‘non-negotiable’ for having a baby includes £250,000 yearly salary

Woman’s ‘non-negotiable’ for having a baby includes £250,000 yearly salary

The woman took to social media to share a list of 'non-negotiable' conditions if she were to have a baby

While many people want to start a family, others are far more apprehensive about having children.

Among them is Jenny, who has posted on her social media called LifeofJenny about the 'non-negotiable' conditions which would have to be met if she were to consider having children.

Jenny said that she is likely to 'ruffle a few feathers' with her requirements for having kids, and there are a lot.

The first is a prenup before pregnancy to cover subjects like cheating.

But then we get onto the financial requirements, and let's just say they're pretty damn high.

Jenny said that she would expect an annual allowance of £250,000 per child.

She explained why the amount was this astronomically high, saying: “This will basically cover my weekly therapy sessions I am going to need before and post giving birth, personal trainer to get me all fit and healthy and get my confidence back."

She added: “Obviously grocery shopping and just things I would need to get for the kids here and there.

“If I just have an annual or monthly allowance equivalent to that then I would be able to live comfortably, not just for myself but for my child as well.”

Jenny shared her conditions for having children.
TikTok / @_lifeofjenny_

Jenny explained that she would be sacrificing a lot by having a child, so she thinks that this request is fair.

She said: “I am not here to suffer."

Jenny went on to explain that she would also want to get a 'mummy makeover', because 'my body is going to be destroyed internally and externally'.

A 'mummy makeover' refers to cosmetic surgeries that you might choose to have after giving birth to alter the changes your body undergoes during pregnancy and childbirth.

It's safe to say that there were quite a few conditions.
TikTok / @_lifeofjenny_

This could mean a 'tummy tuck', 'vaginal rejuvenation surgery', or liposuction.

She went on to explain that she would also require a night nurse to be hired so that she could get enough sleep and wake up able to look after the child in the morning.

Jenny added: “Next is a push present. So either an apartment in my name, a car or a business."

She explained that this was to secure her and her child's future.

If you hadn't gotten the message yet, the whole point is that the requirements are so high no one would ever be able to meet them, except perhaps Jeff Bezos.

Jenny said: “I am always looking to add more onto this list because I am very adamant I want to be child-free.

“But for the right man, I wouldn’t mind putting myself through all of that for all of the above.”

Featured Image Credit: @_0nlyjenny_/Instagram

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