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People left seriously confused after man claims he invented ‘bottle night’ with girlfriend

People left seriously confused after man claims he invented ‘bottle night’ with girlfriend

People weren't happy that he was trying to take the credit for 'inventing' the date idea

Date nights seem to get harder and harder to decide on as your relationship progresses.

You've eaten out at pretty much every restaurant in a 100-mile radius, there's nothing interesting on at the cinema and you've probably drank all of your favourite bars dry.

So a lot of people end up going back to the drawing board and having a long hard think about an exciting new way they can spend quality time with their other half - which is exactly what this bloke did while snowed in during a blizzard.

And all power to him for making the effort and getting creative, but people on social media aren't too happy about him trying to take the credit for 'inventing' the date night idea.

Collin Rutherford, 26, shared a sweet selfie of him and his girlfriend looking pretty happy with themselves as they each clutched a bottle of wine.

He explained that he was enjoying what him and his other half refer to as 'bottle night', a tradition they started in 2023 while a blizzard was battering the US.

Collin claimed he and his girlfriend 'invented' the date idea.

Uploading the post to X (Twitter), the storage company founder wrote: "Do you know what a 'bottle night' is? Probably not, because my gf and I invented it during a 2023 blizzard in Buffalo, NY.

"We lock our phones away, turn the TV off...

"Each grab a bottle of wine, and talk. That's it, we simply talk and enjoy each other's presence. We live together, but it's easy to miss out on 'quality time'.

"What do you think? Do you have other methods for enjoying quality time with your partner?"

Although you may expect the replies to be flooded with sweet date night suggestions from other couples, you'd be sadly mistaken, as social media users were keen to call out Collin's bold claim.

People were left pretty confused about the lad dubbing himself and his girlfriend the pioneers of 'bottle night'.

Social media users were left pretty confused by the claim.

By the way, that's just the pair's fancy way of saying that they each get some wine - his white, her's red - and drink it from the bottle while putting the world to rights.

Dozens of users pointed out that the concept of chewing the fat with your loved one while drinking an alcoholic beverage has been around much longer than the 26-year-old has been on this Earth.

One laughed: "You invented hanging out and drinking?"

Another joked: "Congrats on inventing conversation!"

A third added: "So you invented what any 15-year-old does in a field in Ireland? Cool, cool, cool."

And someone else quipped: "Man invents spending time with his wife."

Others said they 'loved' the couple's 'bottle night' suggestion and said it was a 'great idea', although it's safe to say the overwhelming majority were just desperate for them both to use a wine glass in future.

Featured Image Credit: X/ColinRutherford

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