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Man slammed as 'lazy' after serving Christmas dinner to family in tin foil oven trays

Man slammed as 'lazy' after serving Christmas dinner to family in tin foil oven trays

He at least saved plenty of time on the washing up

Christmas dinner might just be the most heavily planned meal of the year, and while there's all that work going into it before you eat, there's plenty to do afterwards too.

There's a veritable mountain of washing up to do when you've eaten your weight in turkey, stuffing and pigs in blankets.

Since you've probably eaten so much you're ready to burst and there's going to be some really good Christmas telly on in a bit, you probably aren't in the mood to load up the dishwasher or spend the next hour scrubbing plates in the sink.

That's where one bloke's idea has come in to cut down on the cleaning as he just served his Christmas dinner in some disposable foil takeaway trays that could be easily chucked away.

It's certainly a handy Christmas dinner hack and one which would save a decent amount of time, but not everyone is the biggest fan of the idea.

It's not how it looks, it's all about how it tastes.

Posting his idea to Facebook, some people called him 'lazy' for using foil trays instead of serving up Christmas dinner on actual plates.

One said they 'like doing the table up nice' at Christmas, though toyed with the idea of serving dinner in foil trays 'as a joke one year' just to see how it went down.

Someone else was less open to the idea, declaring they 'wouldn't eat off tin foil'.

A few others pointed out a problem if everyone started doing this for Christmas, as the tin trays are meant to be chucked away and landfill sites would be packed with mountains of metal each December if it became a regular thing.

They said that in the long run 'it doesn't take long to wash a few plates' and suggested that if the pile was high you should get the family to chip in and help out with the process.

You go to someone's house for Christmas dinner and these are your plates, what do you do?

A second added that it would be 'so bad for the environment' if everyone did this when doing the washing up wasn't really that much of a chore.

The man's wife did comment to say that she and her husband 'recycle often', while they did get some support from families with young children that occasionally broke the plates at Christmas.

Someone else pointed out that on the bright side it meant people could easily box up their leftovers and take some home if they wanted.

That's pretty handy as there's only so long the food will keep in the fridge before it gets to be a bit dangerous.

All in all, it seems like it'd be a bad idea if everyone did it, but there are some advantages for the few households that give it a try.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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