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Bloke's 'criminal' Indian takeaway order causes fury as people reckon it's the 'worst ever'

Bloke's 'criminal' Indian takeaway order causes fury as people reckon it's the 'worst ever'

This lad's trip to the curry house ended up going viral

Us Brits love a takeaway. We love grabbing a pizza on the way home, ringing up the local Chinese for a massive scran or even ordering from that fancy place online.

And often instead of calling up for one, we’ll sit in the restaurant for it - we’re not animals.

Regularly voted as one of the most popular dishes in the UK, a hot steamy curry with all the sides is an absolute go-to. We’re pretty defensive over it to be honest.

So, when this bloke’s ‘criminal’ order at the curry house was shared online, it caused absolute fury as people reckon it’s the ‘worst ever’.

He was out for a scran with his mates, who weren’t impressed by his choices either and snapped a photo of his plate.

Thoughts? (X/@Adam_Palace)
Thoughts? (X/@Adam_Palace)

One of them took to X to share it, writing: “One of my mates ordered this in the curry house last night and it’s possibly the worst order I’ve ever seen in my life…”

And reader, it’s pretty bad.

The diner seems to have plated up half a cheese naan with a mix of chips, peas and what appears to be chunks of chicken to go with a pint of beer.

To be honest, I think I’d have more respect if they were actual chicken nuggets.

Everyone else on the table seems to be tucking into curries, rice, poppadom - you know what most people order at a curry house.

And look, a curry isn’t for everyone and plenty of people have dietary requirements restricting their choices, but this person’s mates say it ‘honestly makes me feel sick even looking back at it’.

They knew it ‘would go viral’ too as another added a picture with a spicier, saucier looking meat dish piled on top of the original.

Chefs responded to the tweet calling the meal ‘criminal’ and even Deliveroo got involved.

Another mate added an update. (X/@LukeThfc20)
Another mate added an update. (X/@LukeThfc20)

The delivery service wrote: “Please delete our app…”

With 1.9 million views and counting, plenty of users responded to the photo as one wrote: “You should have made your mate sit on his own.”

Another simply just put ‘prison’ as one said: “Is that even legal?”

Some did point out that ‘maybe that’s what he likes’.

Another added: “Is he still your mate? That is genuinely unacceptable.”

Although one did say: “Proper mate, doesn’t like curry but instead of making up an excuse he’s still there on the night out. Defo ordered of the kids menu though.”

Featured Image Credit: X/@Adam_Palace

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