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Customer left shocked after seeing huge bill at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant because of 'f**k up'

Customer left shocked after seeing huge bill at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant because of 'f**k up'

He unknowingly made a huge mistake

Gordon Ramsay is simply the most famous chef in the world.

Whether you know him for his foul-mouthed antics on his numerous TV shows, being a judge on Masterchef, or simply for his world class food and restaurants, he is the celebrity chef.

Although, he may need some guidance on how to cook a pad thai:

Ramsay, as of 2023, has 58 restaurants across the globe that attract thousands of eager customers that want a taste of what he has to offer.

But something that can happen with excited customers is that they may misread the menu, or get too trigger happy when ordering food.

It can happen to the best of us, but one man was left absolutely shocked when he misread the menu at the Michelin star chef's restaurant in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

While on a trip there, Jeffrey Paige and his girlfriend had booked an outdoor table at Gordon Ramsay Steak at Harrah's.

As it was a five-star restaurant, Jeffrey planned to splash the cash on some Wagyu beef, but his plans were changed when he saw that the Triple Seared Japanese A5 was also on the menu.

Branded as the 'real deal' on the menu, it is also known in the culinary world as Kobe, one of the finest cuts available.

As most steak lovers will understand, this is the Holy Grail of red meats.

Gordon Ramsay has a number of restaurants scattered across across the world.

What drew him to the beef was that he found it was cheaper than an American Wagyu, as he read that it cost the equivalent of £27 for four ounces of the Kobe, compared to the price of £47 for the American Wagyu.

Jeffrey explained: "I had never had real deal Kobe. It was like nothing else you’ll ever have. Melt in your mouth delicious. We also ordered a couple of sides, appetisers, and my girlfriend had chef Ramsay's famous beef wellington for the first time ever."

He concluded: "All in all an amazing meal. And I still couldn't believe Kobe was cheaper than Wagyu. Or so I thought."

Well, the too good to believe price for the Kobe really was too good to believe, as it was actually £27 per ounce, with the minimum order being four ounces.

A small misread had cost poor Jeffrey hundreds.

Jeffrey couldn't believe the total on his receipt.

He explained what happened once he read the bill: "I had to read the menu again when the bill came, because for 2 people, the bill was over $600.00!! (£475)."

Luckily, Jeffrey took it on the chin, confessing: "I wish Chef Ramsay was there to come out and call me a donut for f***ing this up lol. I enjoyed the hell out of it. No ragrets baby!"

You have to respect it, and the Kobe must have been pretty damn good if he doesn't regret spending $420 (£330) on it.

Jeffrey also previously revealed to Mirror UK that him and his family are huge fans of the chef, having watched all of his shows and having visited a few of his restaurants previously, loving everything they've tried.

Our hero concluded: "The steak and the experience were unforgettable, and if I had to make this blunder at any restaurant in the world, I’m glad it was at Chef Ramsay's."

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