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Gordon Ramsay finally answers whether he's acting when swearing on TV

Gordon Ramsay finally answers whether he's acting when swearing on TV

Gordon Ramsay opened up on his swearing in Kitchen Nightmares on an episode of the High Performance podcast.

Gordon Ramsay has dished out a plate of honesty on whether he's pretending to be angry when he's swearing on TV.

The restaurateur and TV presenter is, of course, known for his f**king mega outbursts on the likes of Hell’s Kitchen, Masterchef and Kitchen Nightmares, which is set to return to our screens after almost a decade.

A 2009 episode of Great British Nightmare exemplified just how much chef Ramsay likes to swear, as he uttered a total of 312 swear words in just 103 minutes, including 240 F-bombs.

In one scene, he somehow managed 37 swear words in 95 seconds.

It makes people wonder, are his performances on TV really, for real?

On an episode of the High Performance podcast, host and broadcaster Jake Humphrey had the pleasure of interviewing the celebrity chef, and asked him straight out if producers ever spoke about 'formats and personalities' with the TV star.

Gordon Ramsay has revealed if he plays up his sweary outbursts for the cameras.
YouTube/High Performance Podcast

"How much did you think about your TV persona?" asked the former BBC presenter.

To which Ramsey bluntly replied: "I didn't, I didn't give a s**t."

Humphrey quickly followed up: "So even when you were going on chat shows and like saying outrageous stuff or dropping in the odd swear word, you weren't thinking, 'How can I have the most impact in this next 10 minutes?"

Ramsay once swore 312 times in 103 minutes on the telly.
YouTube/The High Performance Podcast

Ramsay explained: "I never had those preconceived ideas, Jake. You don't go in there with that.

"My first breakthrough was Kitchen Nightmares and I'd go into these restaurants and they'd let me off the lead, at the front of the door, like a f**king sniffer dog.

"I'd go in there and, there's the cameraman, a sound [guy] and a producer.

"I turned that place upside down.

"I took those things incredibly personal and so we'd spend 10 days in this business turning the chef around, redecorating the place, launching it and then I'd go back a f**king month later.

"This is for somebody else's business."

He continued: "It wasn't a format for me, it wasn't about IP or format or success. Remember the first program it was 5.8 million viewers on Channel Four.

"So then all the intrusion started. Then everyone wanted to know who you were, what was your background, what what makes this guy tick?

"I'm like 'I'm the same on or off'."

So, we now know that when chef Ramsey gets angry on TV, he really is f**king angry.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / High Performance Podcast / Fox

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