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Doctor reveals the one day of the week you should never order fish

Doctor reveals the one day of the week you should never order fish

There's a solid reason why that day it might be better to order the chicken

Ordering an exciting dish at a restaurant can be a novelty, but there's one dish that you should probably avoid if you're dining at a particular time of the week.

For a while, there have been foodie myths floating about that ordering a fish dish on one day in particular is an absolute no no, unless you want to find yourself puking or sitting on the toilet for the rest of the night wondering why you had to choose fish and not chicken.

The myth isn't actually a lie, and there is some truth in it.

Yes, there's one day of the week to skip the fish on the menu as it can make you more at risk of being ill.

Dr. Darin Detwiler, a former FDA and USDA food safety advisor, told the Daily Mail that ordering fish in a restaurant on a certain day of the week can actually increase your risk of getting food poisoning. Yikes.

This means six days of the week you could be enjoying your fish dish, but on one day there could be a more increased risk of ending up poorly and feeling under the weather, and that's due to a solid reason.

The day of the week Detwiler warns against is a Monday, and that's because of the length of time fish could have been in the fridge or when it was delivered.

Ordering a fish meal on this day comes with an increased risk of getting sick due to the fact that fish markets aren't typically open on a weekend, so the fish you're eating could well have been in the fridge for a couple of days and therefore have an increased risk of making you ill.

Detwiler explained: "Fish that is not fresh may undergo chemical changes, leading to spoilage that affects its taste, smell, and safety."

A Monday can mean your fish has been sitting in the fridge for longer, and this can put you at more risk of being sick.

He also noted that spoiled fish may also contain high levels of histamine, a chemical released by the immune system, and this can lead to food borne illness scombroid poisoning, which comes with lovely side effects of allergy-like reactions like rash, diarrhoea, sweating, headache and vomiting.

Detwiler isn't the only foodie to warn against choosing the sea bream or cod on a Monday either.

Chef, TV host, and author Anthony Bourdain has also previously warned diners off ordering fish at the start of the week.

In his book Kitchen Confidential, the chef warned that if you order fish on a Monday, there is a chance that the restaurant placed only one seafood order for the weekend and the filet came in on a Friday.

If the chef didn't sell as many filets as he anticipated over the weekend then it could mean you'd be getting the leftovers and that means your fish of the day is in fact, four days old and has been out of the water for even longer if you count when it was caught, transported and delivered.

Food poisoning can come with lovely side effects of allergy-like reactions like rash, diarrhoea, sweating, headache and vomiting.

And if all of this hasn't put you off food, then there is also new information released as dozens of ways ultra-processed foods (UPF) can harm your body has been revealed by researchers.

A total of 32 harmful effects on your health have been identified by scientific research published in the British Medical Journal.

It's the first systematic umbrella review of harmful impacts this kind of food has on us - and we're warning you, it's going to make you rethink your dietary choices.

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