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Brits stunned by German version of a ‘full English breakfast’

Brits stunned by German version of a ‘full English breakfast’

It seemed mostly fine, but had some unexpected additions

Love it or hate it, the Full English Breakfast is a staple of hangover cures in the UK.

Whether you think it's a gift from God themselves, or just too much meat first thing in the morning, there's no denying it's become the go to for hungover Brits. Personally, a bacon sandwich with brown sauce seems more than adequate.

The full English is a hangover staple.
Bernd Vogel / Getty

One Brit had been visiting Germany when they, in that classic 'Brits abroad' style, opted for a full English for breakfast. They were presented with something which, while it seemed to be mostly fine, had a rather unexpected addition.

Naturally, people had some strong opinions about the added extra.

The breakfast itself seemed more or less what you'd expect, with sausages, bacon, mushrooms, fried eggs, baked beans, and toast. Standard plate full of greasy British fare.

The post on Reddit claimed that the sausages had been 'spicy'. Given the enormous variety of sausages in Germany, whether it's Bratwurst, Bierwurst, Stadtwurst, Currywurst, or Kochwurst (that means 'cooked sausage', get your mind out of the gutter), one would think the sausage would be excellent.

But it wasn't the sausage which drew most of their attention. It was the side dish that had been brought out.

For the record, the standard items for a full English are: sausage, bacon, beans, eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomato, toast, and black pudding. This is accompanied by brown sauce, NOT ketchup, and a cup of strong tea.

The German Full English.
Reddit / RihanCastel

This breakfast, however, seemed to have dessert built into it, as they had a little fruit salad in a bowl on the plate.

The poster wrote: "In Berlin they served me a full English with spicy sausages, a fruit bowl with every fruit bar tomatoes and looked at me in shock when I asked for condiments.

"Weirdest experience I've had for a while. Fry ups aren't very common here by the way."

People took to the comment to express their views on the different take on a British classic.

One person thought the fruit had been added out of concern for the health of Brits, writing: "Like they pity the English heart and go 'please have the fruit'."

Another seemed surprisingly keen on the idea of fruit, suggesting it could be a nice dessert after the fry up.

They wrote: "I kind of like the idea of a fruit salad as a kind of dessert after eating a fry up. Having it on the same plate is weird though."

Another was also keen on the idea of a bit of fruit. They replied: "This is preferable to a Full English to this Brit - some fruit to balance all that grease. A full English is just too much these days."

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/RihanCastel / paul mansfield photography/Getty

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