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People say they will 'never eat meal deal sandwiches again' after seeing how they're made

People say they will 'never eat meal deal sandwiches again' after seeing how they're made

Many are vowing to steer clear of shop-bought sarnies after watching the video

Nothing beats a cheeky meal deal on the work lunch break does it?

Yes, it may be a little more expensive than bringing in your own sarnies made at home - but it's nice to treat yourself once in a while.

Whether it be a BLT or just a simple cheese, everyone has their go-to.

However, if you are watching the calories currently, you may want to stay clear of the 'least healthy meal deal' combination in the UK.

But after watching a video on how pre-packaged sandwiches are made, many people have said they will 'never eat meal deal sandwich again'.

The eye-opening video comes from creators How It's Made, which was shared on YouTube by the Science Channel in 2022.

The video has left viewers horrified.
Science Channel

And the video has racked up many views, as many were left horrified with how shop-bought sandwiches are made.

Many have focused their attentions on one particular video showing how sandwiches made with specific requirements and ingredients can use machines alongside manual labour to create the sarnies we see on supermarket shelves.

The camera pans across workers loading fresh sliced bread into an automated machine, checking for flaws and removing any bread slices that look less than perfect.

A machine then separates the bread before a roller spreads out the butter onto each and moves the slices to the next stage for mayonnaise to be spread.

Workers step back in for adding fillings, especially when 'more specific' ones have been requested.

People are saying they will 'never eat meal deal sandwich again'.
Science Channel

The documentary shows grated cheese and cold cuts of ham being added manually to each sandwich and putting them together before a machine then slices them neatly into triangles to be packaged.

Another part of the video shows the bulk process for creating sandwiches with the same ingredients as part of a fully automated assembly line covering everything from mayonnaise spread to mixing the filling and assembling the sandwich.

The documentary pans across an assembly line putting sandwich filling onto bread using a nozzle before a machine's robotic arm then slices the sandwiches and puts them together for packaging.

One aspect of the documentary that many viewers picked up on was that some of the workers were touching and picking up sandwiches with their bare hands.

After making the revelation, one person commented: "I wont be having a meal deal ever again."

While a second added: "As someone who works in a school kitchen, it's blowing my mind to see these workers handling food that will go out to millions without any form of glove."

And a third explained: "I always make my own, [I] know where my hands have been."

Featured Image Credit: Science Channel

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