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Man believes he's found 'least healthy meal deal' combination in the UK

Man believes he's found 'least healthy meal deal' combination in the UK

Usually we're looking to see how much we can save, not how 'unhealthy' we can make it

Usually meal deal competitions revolve around seeing how much of a discount you can get on the items.

Grabbing the most expensive smoothies and elaborate snacks to go with the biggest main provide that little lunch break thrill to get many of us through the day.

But this person's created their own competition as they reckons that they've found the ‘least healthy meal deal’ combination in the UK.

Yeah, it’s a rather unique thing to go searching the shelves for but it’s an absolute whopper of a lunch. I feel full just looking at it.

And most people are in agreement too, as the Brit trades the typical bag of crisps or chocolate bar as a side for something a whole lot heavier.

Taking to Reddit, user ‘TiddlyhamBubmberspoot’ spent £4 on a Co-op meal deal and they asked if it could be a contender ‘for least healthy shop meal deal the UK has to offer’.

And brace yourself for this one, the meal deal included a Monster energy drink, a Cornish pasty and a Rustlers quarter pounder burger.

Yep, they got a pasty as a side, pointing out: “No idea how the Cornish (contentious?) Pasty is being considered a snack but not complaining either.

So, let’s have a look at how much money they’ve saved and how many calories they’ve consumed.

Juiced Monster Aussie Lemonade

The 500ml fizzy energy drink has 160g caffeine as well as 208kcal of energy.

A can of the drink typically sells for £1.80.

Ginsters Cornish Pasty

With 35g of fat, this mega side dish has 597kcal of energy.

The beef-filled pastry typically sells for £1.95.

Rustlers Quarter Pounder

Made for popping in the microwave, the burger has 28.4g of fat and 526kcal of energy.

The main typically sells for £2.25 at supermarkets.


So that makes this meal deal come in at 1,331 calories.

And with a typical cost of £6, the user’s saved two whole British pounds.

That's one hefty lunch.

And users joked the meal has ‘gotta take at least a year off your lifespan’ while another said all three together is ‘a war crime’.

Someone else wrote: “It'll put you on your way to an early grave but that's a good bargain.”

But one disagreed: “Either way, it is the worst meal deal of all time.”

Others called it ‘absolutely dire’ as one put: “An absolute bargain for £4, but taste is subjective!”

But some were on board, as one person wrote: “That's filthy. Disgusting. I want it.”

"Not going to lie that looks beautiful." a final added.

Think I’ll stick to my usual, thanks.

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