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Pret A Manger making change to coffee subscription to stop 'free coffee' loophole

Pret A Manger making change to coffee subscription to stop 'free coffee' loophole

End of an era

Pret A Manger is making changes to its coffee subscription service to end the so-called loophole which allowed customers to get free coffee without having a subscription.

The coffee shop chain has 450 stores across the UK which offer free drinks to customers who pay to be part of its monthly subscription service 'Club Pret.'

For the sum of £30 a month, members are entitled to order five free barista-made drinks every single day.

They also save 20 percent on the entire food menu.

All Club Pret members have to do is open up their unique code in their Google or Apple wallet and tap their phone at the till.

However, this is soon set to change.

Pret A Manger is cracking down on people using a 'loophole' in its subscription service to get free coffee.

You see, some subscribers who don't want all five drinks every day have been sharing screenshots of their QR codes with pals and letting them reap the benefits too — which is completely against the terms and conditions.

In an attempt to crack down on the practice, from 18 March, subscribers will have to log in through the Pret A Manger app every time they want to claim the offer.

Bet your mate is absolutely gutted right now.

A spokesperson for the chain said in a statement: "We're updating how Club Pret subscribers access their QR codes as we continue to invest in our digital offer for customers. QR Codes will now be available exclusively via the Pret App and can no longer be added to Apple or Google wallets.

From 18 March, subscribers will have to go into the Pret app to access the code that entitles them to free drinks.

"Live QR codes will be reissued to all subscribers. This will deliver a more complete digital experience, so that the Pret App becomes the main digital touchpoint for our customers. We encourage any customers that need further support to contact our customer service team."

And, in news that will come as a shock to nobody, people aren't happy about it.

One X (Twitter) user wrote: "Pret subscription has gone ahead and done a Netflix on us..."

Another commented: "Pret said 'no more sharing' and thats cute but immediately cancelling cause its not worth it and logging into that app is already so clunky."

And a third said: "@Pret Just a piece of feedback. I just received the email advising you are removing support for Apple Wallet. As much as I love my subscription, having to rely on an App to keep me logged in and load to show a barcode instead of hugely convenient Apple Wallet integration is a HUGE step backwards. It's making me re-consider my subscription in the first place."

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