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Parents furious after restaurant gives them a £41 fine for their ‘bad parenting’

Parents furious after restaurant gives them a £41 fine for their ‘bad parenting’

People said 'f**k this place' when they heard about the restaurant policy

Kids in restaurants can be a bit of a controversial topic as it involves a lot of sitting down in one place for more than an hour while grown-ups talk about boring stuff.

Those with their age in the single digits who've just learned to walk and talk and want to do it as much as possible aren't exactly the perfect dinner guests.

However, it's very rare to find a restaurant that will go so far as to actually ban children since their parents are good for business and the kids aren't really that badly behaved at the end of the day.

While some places have banned kids outright, another place is taking a slightly different approach and parents aren't happy.

The Toccoa Riverside Restaurant over in Georgia, US, has included a warning at the bottom of the menu that there'd be a surcharge for 'adults unable to parent'.

It doesn't say exactly how much people will have to pay if their parenting skills aren't up to the restaurant's standards, just marking down that the surcharge is '$$$'.

Some of the online reviews for the restaurant have mentioned the parenting charge, with one claiming they were asked to fork over an extra $50 (£41) at the end of their meal.

Their review read: "The owner came out and told me he was adding $50 to my bill because of my children’s behaviour.

"My kids watched a tablet until the food arrived, ate their food and my wife took them outside while I waited and paid the bill.

"Disappointed by the experience."

As you'd expect, parents aren't the biggest fans of this policy and have taken to Reddit to vent their frustrations.

This restaurant charges more 'for adults unable to parent'.

One said they would 'probably leave' if they got to a restaurant and saw this kind of charge, while others complained that there was 'no actual amount listed' and they didn't want to pay an unspecified amount for unspecified behaviour.

Someone else said 'f**k this place' while another said the restaurant could 'f**k right off' for making diners 'read an essay just to figure out how much you will be charged'.

People weren't happy about the restaurant's extra charges.

More were amazed by 'the number of red flags on this menu' and joked that 'they seem fun'.

LADbible has contacted the Toccoa Riverside Restaurant for a comment.

Those who had actually been to the restaurant said they liked it because 'the view is fantastic' but admitted 'the food is not even close to good enough to justify the fine print'.

Some places have gone to drastic lengths to avoid ending up on the wrong side of the youth of today.

A McDonald's once banned everyone under the age of 18 from going in after 5pm in an attempt to dodge anti-social behaviour.

The Liverpool-based fast food joint took the decision after their employees were subjected to 'verbal and physical abuse'.

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