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Michelin-starred chef responds after angry customer told him to ‘be careful’ after making her wait for table

Michelin-starred chef responds after angry customer told him to ‘be careful’ after making her wait for table

Tom Shepherd shared an email from an irate customer who called him a snowflake over his waitlist

Fine dining isn’t for those who prefer fast-food service, which is exactly what a Lichfield local found out when she wrote an irate email in response to a Michelin-starred chef.

Chef Tom Shepherd felt the wrath of an unhappy hopeful who had wished to book a table at his ‘contemporary British fine dining restaurant’ called Upstairs by Tom Shepherd, which boasts One Michelin Star.

The small award-winning dinery, which opened in 2021, is a popular spot in the West Midlands city and requires reservations to be made well in advance, as well as a place on the waiting list.

However, Shepherd claims he was branded a 'snowflake' after he informed one customer known only as ‘Viv’ about his waiting list policy.

According to the BBC Great British Menu chef, the furious woman warned him to be 'careful who he crosses' after being told how long she would need to wait before being able to book lunch.

Viv allegedly began their correspondence by emailing his restaurant and went on to accuse Shepherd of cancelling 'free thought' by informing her that the wait list would take her up until March before she could dine.

Great British Menu chef Tom Shepherd is the owner of the award-winning dinery.
Instagram/@cheftomshepherd / BBC

Shepherd shared the email on social media which showed Viv stating: “I knew it, you are a bloody snowflake. Cannot take criticism. Cannot see another point of view.

"Cancel out free thought. Cannot survive more than another few years. Be careful who you cross.”

He shared the screenshot to his 32,000 followers on Instagram with the caption: “Everybody meet Viv. A lovely woman. I merely explained what a waitlist is.”

The restaurant, which mixes British ingredients with an Asian twist is a popular choice for Lichfield locals who want to try a taste of Michelin food, and with a seven-course tasting menu for £100 or a five-course short tasting menu for £65, it’s not a small fee to pay for a finer experience.

'Viv' sent an angry email to the chef over his restaurant's wait times.

According to the restaurant's website, no slots are available until March 2025.

LADbible reached out to Upstairs by Tom Shepherd for comment.

This isn't the first time chefs and customers have clashed after Simon Wood's famous X (formerly Twitter) war went viral over a customer asking for a complimentary anniversary dessert.

The Manchester-based cook, who prepares contemporary meals, was flabbergasted by the request and told LADbible at the time: "Hospitality isn’t about giving profits away in the worst economic climate for decades.

Upstairs by Tom Shepherd requires a waitlist, like many other Michelin-starred establishments.
Kennedy News and Media

"Hospitality means extending a welcome to travelers or offering a home away from home, within that we provide great service and ambience alongside well thought out seasonal dishes prepared with care and each one is made by the chefs meticulously from scratch.

"We have around a 150-200 celebrations at WOOD a week, giving something to everyone shouldn’t be expected, the entitlement surrounding this is obscene.

"Going to a nice restaurant and celebrating is the treat, the icing on the cake, the whole experience and team you have assisting you are building that memory with your loved ones.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@cheftomshepherd / Kennedy News and Media

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