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People baffled after delivery driver leaves threatening note despite being tipped 20%

People baffled after delivery driver leaves threatening note despite being tipped 20%

A Reddit user has shared the baffling note left by her delivery driver

People have been left baffled by a threatening note allegedly written by a delivery driver to a customer who claims to have tipped 20 percent.

In the UK, tipping is like Marmite, you either like it or you don't - there is no in-between.

But across the pond in the US, if you don't tip at least 20 percent, you're basically going to get called a 'horrible person'.

A fancy etiquette guide published by New York magazine The Cut suggests: "At coffee shops, coffee carts, cafés, and bodegas, tip at least 20 percent."

"Even though their pay isn’t as tip dependent as waiters’, the average salary for a barista in New York is just above minimum wage," it argued.

However, after tipping 20 percent on a delivery, you don't expect to receive a letter like this.

The delivery driver allegedly left a threatening note.
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Taking to Reddit on Wednesday (13 December), one person shared an aggressive note they allegedly received from their Uber Eats driver.

The customer claimed: "My Uber Eats driver left me this note even after I tipped 20 percent.

"I ordered Uber Eats last night and this morning I found this note on my door. I checked my account and the payment went through along with his tip so I’m not sure why he felt the need to leave me this note."

The note in question was titled: "A**HOLE."

It read: "I'm your neighbour who you cheated last night from SAKE. You are a CREEP low f**king life leech.

"I will notify everyone in the complex of the low life you are.

"I've seen you from time to time, I know who you are.

"So will everyone else.

"'You will reap what you sow'.

"When cancer hits your rotten a**, remember me, creep."

The note was brutal.

Commenting on the bizarre letter, one user said: "You should send that to Uber Eats. If the merchant took the tip they need to know or if this guy is a nut and shouldn’t be delivering anything to anyone."

A second added: "If that ever happens again tell her to tell them to keep it and mark the order as never delivered."

"Definitely report. Pretty much the first rule of customer service is 'never threaten the customer'," wrote a third.

Someone else commented: "This guy just threatened you. You should report this."

LADbible has reached out to Uber Eats for comment.

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