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The 'revolting' viral cheeseburger people can't finish

The 'revolting' viral cheeseburger people can't finish

Burger King in Thailand has put cheese lovers to the test, releasing their latest burger The Real Cheeseburger

Everybody loves a slice of cheese or two on their burger.

But how do you think you'd go with... 20 slices?

Burger King in Thailand has put cheese lovers to the test, releasing their latest burger The Real Cheeseburger.

The burger features 20 slices of cheese between two sesame seed burger buns. No meat. No sauce. No pickles. Just cheese.

The fast food outlet announced the news on Facebook, making sure to let customers know they weren't... joking.

“This is no joke. This is for real,” they wrote on Facebook. “The real cheeseburger is full of flavour for those who love cheese.”

The burger quickly went viral after launching at the reduced price of 109 Thai baht ($4.70), with people rushing in store to try it themselves.

However, it turns out a burger full of cheese isn't actually a cheese lover's dream. It's more of a... nightmare.

Lifestyle Asia's Eric E Surbano tried The Real Cheeseburger himself, saying in his review that two mouthfuls “were all I could endure before chucking it into the bin”.

“It sucks… It is horrid. It isn’t really shocking that it’s bad. It’s literally burger bun, 20 slices of cheese, and burger bun. There’s no sauce,” he wrote.

“It was as revolting as you thought it would be: dry, a shock to the digestive system, and literally a thousand calories worth of unnecessary processed cheese. That’s another thing: for something called the ‘Real Cheeseburger’, there’s nothing real about any of the cheese here.”

At the end of his review, Surbano wondered “why Burger King thought of this aside from the viral aspect of it”.

“Perhaps they just have a surplus of cheese lying around. Perhaps they just hate us," he wrote.

Richard Barrow, a popular Thai travel guide and blogger, also sacrificed himself to the cheese gods in the name of research.

“A trend in #Thailand is to put cheese on literally everything. Now Burger King has joined in with the Real Cheese Burger. Though I think they forgot the meat,” he wrote Twitter.

“I love cheese but I struggled eating even half of this ‘burger’. Maybe I should grill the other half? What do you think?"

CNN headed in store to see what the customers were saying and it wasn't... great.

“I may not try it again. I like a few slices of cheese in my burger but not this much," one diner told them.

“I could only finish half of it. This is an insane amount of cheese added into one burger. Food is good when things are at the right combination," added another.

Featured Image Credit: Burger King Thailand Facebook

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