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People only just learning what paprika is actually made from

People only just learning what paprika is actually made from

Even though people use it often, the vast majority are unaware of where paprika comes from.

I bet the origin story of your herbs and spices isn't the first thing on your mind - but it might be interesting all the same.

A lot of us are guilty of overlooking our selections of seasoning and simply add a dash in the pan before locking it back up in the cupboard until the next mealtime rolls around.

And we really ought to give our favourite flavourings a bit more credit - take the pretty and punchy paprika, for example.

Paprika is a common staple in many spice racks.
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It is loaded with nutrients, can help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, promotes healthy vision, reduces inflammation, improves immunity and can even help alleviate gas. Winner winner.

Paprika is packed with lots of healthy stuff, including vitamin A, capsaicin, and carotenoid antioxidants.

And to top it all off, a little sprinkle of the colourful powder - whether it's hot, smoky or sweet - can really can take your meal to the next level.

It really is the everyman of the kitchen, sitting as confidently in a curry as it does in beef stroganoff.

But what actually is it?

Many spices and herbs are named after the plant from which they hail, with cumin powder made from dried cumin seeds and cinnamon taken from the inner bark of tree species from the genus Cinnamomum.

But there's no such thing as a paprika seed, root or there aren’t many hints there.

In fact, the name ‘paprika’ stems from the ingredient it’s made from: pepper – sweet red peppers, to be precise.

But how does the salad staple end up turning into a delicious powder?

The red peppers are dried within an inch of their life and then ground down into a spice.

So, what is paprika made of?
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You can add some chilli peppers in too to create varying levels of heat.

Simple, right?

Wrong - most people were still under the illusion that 'paprika trees were a thing' and have only just realised how the seasoning is actually made.

One said: "Learning that Paprika is just dried and crushed red bell peppers was really shocking.

Another added: "Like I dunno why I thought there was a Paprika tree somewhere."

Some were baffled that others weren't aware of the culinary fact as they believed it was ‘common knowledge’.

It is simply dried and crushed red bell peppers.
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Another social media user also posted a photo of a packet of paprika, which had red peppers on the front – and finally, the penny dropped for them.

They said: "I just pulled this out, which was obviously sent to me by my mother in one of her random packages and OMG."

Others came forward with their own food-based misunderstandings, with one saying ashamedly: "You’re not as bad as me who didn’t realise guacamole is just avocados. I always thought it tasted familiar. SMH."

Now that is something I would keep to myself.

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