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Italians are ‘having heart attacks’ after seeing how shop bought pizza is actually made

Italians are ‘having heart attacks’ after seeing how shop bought pizza is actually made

We've suddenly gone off shop bought pizza

We all know that a juicy stone baked margherita from an authentic Italian restaurant is the tastiest when it comes to pizza.

But sometimes, needs must. And having a deep pan frozen job in the freezer, that we can whack in the oven after a long day, is just handy and convenient.

But we've never really thought too much about how they're made - until now.

Yep, a video showing how shop bought pizzas are actually produced has been released online and it's really not very appetising at all.

You can watch for yourself:

Instead of each ball of dough being hand stretched by an Italian chef, the identical pizzas simply travel down a conveyer belt waiting to be hit with a tomato sauce gun, which splodges little blobs all over the dough.

The cheese is up next, but there's no signs of torn mozzarella chunks. Just pre-grated cheese, sprinkled over the pizza and followed by a selection of veggies.

Members of staff then add other bits and bobs, such as ground beef and chunks of onion.

The identical pizzas are then shunted towards a huge wrapping machine, where they are shrouded in plastic ready to be boxed up.

We can't lie, it's a pretty sad state of affairs and our mouths are definitely not watering right now.

The pizza travels down a conveyer belt.

Other social media users were equally unimpressed with the clip, which was shared on X page, @HowThingsWork_, with one noting how horrifying it must be for Italians.

"A couple hundred Italians had a heart attack watching this video," they wrote.

While another simply added: "What in the world?"

And a third said: "I shouldn’t call it pizza…"

A fourth wrote: "I hate everything about this video."

For some people, it actually had the opposite effect, with one adding: "Wow, watching this is making me crave store-bought pizza now!"

Some people were horrified by the pizza.

If you think this pizza is bad, you might want to take a look at the pizza one woman was served at a takeaway.

The Reddit thread, captioned 'this is apparently a pizza', has been doing the rounds on social media and it has got plenty of users talking.

In the post itself, it features an image of a square-cut pizza sitting in a very greasy cardboard box.

But it's the toppings which are truly rotten.

Let's just say they make our good old shop bought pizza look truly gourmet.

Featured Image Credit: howthingswork/twitter

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