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Why Cafe Patron was discontinued across world as Brits call for popular drink to return

Why Cafe Patron was discontinued across world as Brits call for popular drink to return

Gone but never forgotten

We all love a cheeky shot or two with our pals before a night out, but some drinks certainly go down easier than others.

While a measure of vodka will make you wish you'd never been born, a nice shot of Tequila Rose is a real treat, making it a firm favourite at pre-drinks across the country.

But, before Tequila Rose came Cafe Patron - a coffee-flavoured liqueur so smooth you could almost swig it straight from the bottle without a worry.

That was until it was discontinued by Bacardí back in 2021.

Cafe Patron was a firm favourite at pre-drinks before it was discontinued in 2021.

At the time, Patrón Tequila president and COO Mauricio Vergara told The Grocer that the company wanted to focus on 'growing and protecting production and supply of our core super and ultra-premium tequilas'.

He said: "[It's] an incredibly exciting time to be in the tequila business - we are thrilled to see consumer demand for tequila continuing to explode around the world.

"Tequila is seeing rapid growth and incredible momentum - not just in the United States, but it is the second fastest-growing category in value across the globe."

In comparison, Cafe Patron's sales and profits hadn't been great - £2 million in the UK as of mid-May 2021 - leading the company to wipe it from our shelves.

But, that hasn't stopped avid fans of the drink from begging for Bacardí to bring it back.

At the time of its discontinuation, people took to X (Twitter) to share their dismay.

One user wrote: "What on earth is Bacardí playing at discontinuing Cafe Patron?"

Bacardí discontinued the coffee liqueur due to poor sales but that hasn't stopped avid fans from begging the company to bring it back.

Another added: "I simply cannot take any more bad news."

Others even started an official petition on to stop it from being discontinued but it only received 4,097 signatures.

Even today, fans still mourning the loss of their favourite liqueur reply to Bacardí's social media posts demanding they 'bring back Cafe Patron!'

In other alcohol-related news, punters at this year's Cheltenham Festival were left gobsmacked after seeing the price of a pint of Guinness at the bar.

At an 'astonishing' £7.50-per-pint at the four-day event, people were fuming, with some even claiming they'd boycott the bars because of it.

One said on X: "Anybody that goes to Cheltenham and pays £7.50 a pint needs to give their head a shake."

And another wrote: "Poor from Cheltenham. For the price of a pint of Guinness and a burger they could have put a roof over the track."

Please drink responsibly. If you want to discuss any issues relating to alcohol in confidence, contact Drinkline on 0300 123 1110, 9am–8pm weekdays and 11am–4pm weekends for advice and support.

Featured Image Credit: X/Wheatsheaf/Cafe Patron

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