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World's biggest Wetherspoons that holds 1,500 people has secret weapon locals can't get enough of

World's biggest Wetherspoons that holds 1,500 people has secret weapon locals can't get enough of

This Spoons has something special about it

There's a lot to love about a Wetherspoons - the cheap drinks, affordable food and cosy settings.

Up and down the UK, the pub brand is loved by locals.

But the biggest one has a 'secret weapon' that punters are obsessed with.

Wetherspoons are loved up and down the country.
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The Royal Pavilion sits on the beachfront in Ramsgate and welcomes in hundreds of visitors every day.

As the biggest Spoons in the world, it can seat a whopping 1,500 people.

But it's not just the eye-watering scale of the drinking hole that sets it apart from other venues.

This Spoons also has a outdoor terrace, which the customers can't get enough of.

Set to the side of the building, the terrace is big enough to fit in 200 revellers and gives them a panoramic view of the busy harbour and stunning beach.

The Sun reported on the customers' reactions, and needless to say, they've been giving rave reviews.

One visitor said: "I had a recommendation - one of my friends said to come because they’d been here before.

"I usually get a Malibu coke but I got a strawberry daiquiri today.

"I definitely think being here has changed what I want to get.

"It’s like we’re on holiday in March."

Another customer said: "I like the building with the interior and the balcony.

"It’s historic and the way that they redecorated it, they tried to keep a lot of the history so it doesn’t feel like they’ve tried to make it brand new. It feels like they’ve restored it.

"It’s nice to sit outside and it’s different from being in another Wetherspoons in a city centre."

Before it became known as one of Britain's biggest boozers, the building was a concert hall.

Designed by architect Stanley Davenport Adshead in 1904, it was said to be based around the Little Theatre in Versailles before being simplified in the 1930s.

It saw life later as a casino and as a nightclub, before shutting its doors in 2008.

However, the building saw new life when it was reopened as a Wetherspoons in 2017.

Following an staggering £4.5 million renovation, the Spoons now features a majestic grand staircase leading up to a balcony which overlooks the bar.

Ornate hanging lights give drinkers a feeling of being taken back to the past.

Wetherspoons are already known for setting up shop in historical buildings, but this one still stands out.

But I can guarantee the toilet will still feel like its a mile away from where you're sitting.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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