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How much you should spend on your partner this Christmas as UK average is revealed

How much you should spend on your partner this Christmas as UK average is revealed

That's a lot of Lynx Africa sets

While you’re factoring in the never-ending bookings of Christmas night outs, the family presents you’ve got to chip in for and the friends rude enough to have a birthday in December, you might have another problem.

You could be lucky enough (or unlucky, depending on which way you’re viewing this) to have a partner. Meaning you have yet another person to buy for this December.

Ah yes, sure, you love them so much, you’d do anything for them. But how much are you willing to splash out on them?

Some people do tend to have a preference for the pricier of presents, more of a luxury hamper than a Lynx Africa gift set.

You wrap up two ‘small things’ for them and before you know it, you’re £100 down.

Well, turns out people are actually spending even more than that in the UK.

How much will you be spending this year?
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CouponBirds surveyed 2,000 adults to find out just how much people are splashing out on their partners for Christmas.

And on average, people are spending a whopping £144.37 on prezzies for their S.O, with men spending an average of £178.81.

Women tend to spend less, as they splash out a lower average of £125.77 on their partners.

Younger people are at the lower end though, with 18–24-year-olds averaging at £105.22 compared to £165.71 by the 35-44 lot.




Thankfully, shoppers aren’t going totally mad as only two percent of people across all age groups say they’re prepared to spend over £400.

And even though people have pretty high amounts they’re willing to pay, it turns out you don’t need to spend that much on your partner to keep them happy.

The survey found that shoppers expect their better halves to spend about £10 less than they’d splash themselves, at an average of £137.66.

As Black Friday nears, you might be thinking of buying some discount prezzies.
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Let’s be reasonable here, the winter is an expensive time before you even start adding Christmas presents in to the mix.

Maybe you and your partner could agree a ‘no present’ rule and just do something fun together in the new year.

Try making something yourself, or even just value thought over cost while you’re shopping for gifts – 75 percent of respondents agreed more meaningful gifts are better than the cash spent on them.

Don’t be feeling too much pressure, I’m sure your partner loves you for you and not the expensive skin cream they so desperately wanted and you’ve not even bothered to buy a mini version of.

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