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Adult star Maitland Ward says there's one big mistake men make before going on a first date

Adult star Maitland Ward says there's one big mistake men make before going on a first date

It's a total rookie mistake.

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression and that goes doubly so for a first date where you can screw things up so much that you'll never see them again.

Whatever it was you did to mess up is going to be their defining memory of you, so do try to put your best foot forward.

We're not talking spotting a first date red flag and subtly realising that you're sat across a table from someone you really should not give your valuable time to.

Nope, this one seems so obvious that it shouldn't have to be mentioned, but then again whenever you see an odd warning sign put up you've got to remember that someone is the reason for it being there.

Maitland Ward has issued some advice for men.

According to actor turned adult star Maitland Ward, there's one common mistake men make before the first date and frankly it's astonishing that enough people have made this error for it to be commented on.

Highlighting an inexcusable faux pas, the 47-year-old said: "Just take a shower before your date, for sure. Don't be dirty.

"I know you came straight from the gym and you want to be all pumped up and look good, guys, but that sweat isn't good until late."

It's solid - if a little obvious - advice. To be honest, if you haven't thought of taking a shower before a date, you may be a lost cause.

Just remember that when your date shows up for work next week they'll be telling everyone about the 'guy who didn't shower'.

Ward also recommended making a wise meal choice to keep yourself clean post-shower.

Apparently it's happened enough times that she has to mention it.
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She said: "Don't eat anything uncomfortable.

"If you're on a dinner date, if you're getting tacos it's going to end up all over your face, in your t**s.

"Now maybe you want it on your t**s, because you have ample right now, but I don't know, I don't think it's a good look.

"So get something, you know, that you think can be conversational while you do it so you're not, you know, spilling all over your chin. Nobody wants a greasy, drippy chin until later."

Judging by that pointer, Ward might also be suggesting that we lace our conversation with smut too.

It's not all about keeping yourself clean, though. For the former Boy Meets World star, showing some personality is just as important.

Do please remember to shower before a date.
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She said: "I think your personality should shine through, you know whoever you are, be confident in that and allow the other person to see who you really are, because I think, especially with dating apps and everything, people can be kind of phoney.

"Just make sure you are yourself and you are funny.

"I love somebody who makes me laugh, so make me laugh. But don't be obnoxious."

There you go, just be yourself as long as you're a funny and not obnoxious person who makes sure they're showering properly.

Additional words by Jake Massey.

Featured Image Credit: Insta / @maitlandward

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