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Woman behind viral 'man in finance' video reveals what traits she actually looks for in a man

Woman behind viral 'man in finance' video reveals what traits she actually looks for in a man

She might have made a song about men in finance, but she's not necessarily looking for one

The woman who created the viral 'man in finance' video has revealed what kind of guy she's actually looking for.

The TikTok song - which is only 19 seconds long - went viral after creator Megan Boni declared: “I’m looking for a man in finance with a trust fund, 6’5”, blue eyes.”

At the time, Megan - who goes by @girl_on_couch - asked: “Did I just write the song of the summer?” Adding: “Can someone make this into an actual song plz just for funzies.”

Megan didn't expect the viral sound to rack up millions of views, striking a chord with other social media users who were seemingly lusting after the same characteristics.

Others shared their own spin-offs, with one person commenting on the video: "Looking for a man in farming, brown shoes, checked shirt, 100 acres."

Meanwhile, the official Crocs account added: "Looking for a man outside, hiking, wears crocs, green eyes."

And a third said: "I’m looking for a man in tech, self made, 6,3 and brown eyes."

Following the success of the video, Megan has spoken about her 19-second song, how it landed her with a record deal and a single with DJ David Guetta and whether she's actually looking for a man in finance.

"I'm not [looking for a man in finance]," Megan told NBC News. "I'm looking for like, someone with a dad bod.

"I was trying to make fun of single girls... I'm a single girl as well... who complain about being single but then like, have all these needs that are impossible."

Speaking about the huge success she's encountered, she added: "If I was a struggling artist in LA and I saw this, I would be p****d.

"Because like, this random girl posts from her couch and now she has a record deal, and it seems a little unfair, but to be fair it's really catchy.

Megan has since been given a record deal. (NBC News)
Megan has since been given a record deal. (NBC News)

"It's amazing, they're just like giving me the reassurance I needed to do what I wanted to do which is be my own man in finance."

Prior to creating the song, Megan was working in sales. Now, she's bagged a music deal with Universal, explaining that the seconds-long song pays her more than her full-time job would have paid in a year.

"I’ve gotten all kinds of brand deals, like Tinder just paid me handsomely for 15 seconds of me in a hoodie," she told Philadelphia Magazine, adding that she's since been able to quit her job.

"All these underwear companies are sending me free stuff."

Featured Image Credit: NBC / TikTok/@‌girl_on_couch

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