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Bloke sparks fierce debate after asking first date to split bill with him

Bloke sparks fierce debate after asking first date to split bill with him

If you ask someone out, should you pay the bill?

If you ask for the date, should you pick up the cheque?

The question of who should split the bill is often a tricky one.

On one hand, some say the person who did the asking should at least offer to pay. But, considering it's *very* early days, is it fair to split it?

Well, TikTok has had its say after one man shared a video of his date getting pretty riled up after he asked her to go halves.

You can watch the moment below...

In the clip, the TikToker - aka @thewaterboy - can be seen covertly recording the argument, as the woman slams her credit card into the folder and asks: "Why are we splitting the bill?"

Trying to offer an explanation, the TikToker waffles on about it being their first date, and even tries to justify it by pointing out that she ordered an appetiser, which he 'didn't touch'.

"It's our first date so I thought maybe we should go halves?" he says.

In the car home, the woman is still peeved.

"I can't believe you made us split the bill... you asked me out... you asked me out," she added.

Again, he tries to explain: "I know, but you ordered something that I didn't want."

So awkward.

The man was shocked that his date was annoyed.

In the caption, @thewaterboy added: "I don't even know her and she wanted to split the bill??? After SHE ordered an appetizer that i didn't want!!

"THIS is what it's like dating in MIAMI smh. I gotta move somewhere else, these girls are ENTITLED."

People went in pretty hard on the issue, with almost everyone criticising the guy for his behaviour.

One wrote: "I’m with her. You asked for the date… you pay!"

While another said: "If you can’t afford to date then don’t! You split the bill with friends or with people that you have no intention of courting."

And a third added: "Date? Nah you’re a friend if we split the bill. lol."

"I'll offer to split the bill to seem polite, but he should pay. There would be no second date. This guy is ridiculous," added a fourth.

People criticised the man for his dating etiquette.

The guy got pretty rinsed in the comments section, with hundreds telling him he should have paid.

Some women said they always offer to pay (but never really expect to), while the occasional few were more sympathetic to the guy's point of view.

One wrote: "My girl always splits the bill with me."

We get the feeling this response was not what he was expecting.

Featured Image Credit: @thewaterboy/tiktok

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