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Worrying explanation behind how long the average man lasts in the bedroom

Worrying explanation behind how long the average man lasts in the bedroom

Want to know how to last longer in bed? Get in line

At some point in almost every man's life there's a moment he wonders how he's performing in the bedroom and how he compares to basically every other man in the world.

It's not a race or anything, and really in this case one ought to strive to finish second rather than come first and consider it job done.

Still, it's quite normal to think about how you're doing when it comes to your lap time.

"Less than half of what I'd hoped for."
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On that front I've got some bad news, the average time a man spends doing the do is only about half of what he was hoping for as according to a study by men's health service Pilot the typical bloke lasts about five-and-a-half minutes.

According to the study the average man would like to last about twice as long as that so we've got some work to do if we want to be the men we know we can be.

Health experts have got a worrying explanation behind why we're not measuring up to our own expectations.

See, part of the problem is that how long a man thinks he should last when it comes to the no-pants dance is informed by pornography.

Dr Ben Condon was speaking about the study and explained that porn is filling in the gaps between sex education and is giving people 'unrealistic and unhealthy expectations of sex and intimate relationships'.

This in turn is causing unnecessary shame and feelings of inadequacy because you don't f**k like the pizza delivery guy who is set for a very awkward conversation when he gets back to work and his boss asks him where the payment for the 12 inch deep pan with extra sausage is.

Compounding the problem is guys trying things in bed they've seen in porn, because newsflash that is a very stylised and misleading depiction of what sex is actually like.

Phwoar, look at those interlinked hands and the implication behind them.
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Basically, don't get your ideas on what you should be doing in the bedroom or for how long from porn, and Dr Condon recommended cutting down on the porn habit.

Instead, he recommended you talk to your partner about what you both want when you're in bed so you can really come together and achieve something great.

If you are really set on lasting longer then there's a few methods you can try like the 'squeeze method' where just before you blow your beans you grab your penis and squeeze it tightly like it's a hose you can't turn off.

Alternatively you could try 'edging' where you get just to the cusp of finishing three times and then finally fire away on the fourth time.

Then of course there's 'visualisation' where you think about something unsexy like Rishi Sunak clipping his toenails or the stench of the canals of Birmingham.

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