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Sexual technique for men to last longer in bed after average intercourse time is revealed

Sexual technique for men to last longer in bed after average intercourse time is revealed

Want to last longer than average? There are some things you can try

Recently we explained that the average time a man lasts during sex is about half of what he was hoping for.

A new study revealed that men who watch a lot of porn are picking up 'unhealthy expectations of sex', including how long they think they should last.

Porn is giving guys an unrealistic expectation of what sex is supposed to be like and how long they're meant to perform for.

However, Dr Ben Condon warned that this 'increases the incidence of shame and anxiety' among men when they're intimate as they worry they're not doing as well as they think they should be.

The doc also warned that watching too much porn was 'encouraging unhealthy, and at times disrespectful, relationships', because let's be honest no matter how alluring someone might be that plumber is probably going to want paying in actual money, and they'll likely want a proper invoice they can use at the end of the financial year too.

A new study has found that porn is making some men feel bad about their performance in sex.
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According to the study men last around five-and-a-half minutes in bed, which is about half of what they were hoping to achieve.

It also found that men reckon copying what they've seen in porn will help them better please their sexual partner, which is perhaps not the best idea.

However, for those who do want to last longer there are some things you can try which should help the lovin' last longer.

There are a bunch of things which medical experts can recommend to you, including something called the 'squeeze method'.

Basically, you (or that special someone) gets almost to where you want to be but before you ejaculate they squeeze the penis very tightly without stimulating it, a bit like squeezing a hosepipe to stop any water coming out.

It should weaken your erection a little bit and give you plenty more time for fun as you'll need to get it back up again before you go.

If you want to last longer in bed there are a few techniques which are medical expert approved.
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Experts also suggest the 'stop-start method', which you might know better as 'edging', and those in the know suggest you do this three times before blowing your beans on the fourth go.

Something else you can try is deep breathing, as some people find this can give someone better control of their mind and control of their ding-a-ling too.

Breathing slowly and deeply on the cusp of ejaculation is apparently the trick to making that technique work.

One more thing to try is 'visualisation', basically you really focus your mind on something particularly unrelated to sex or you focus on trying to keep your penis hard, which of course makes you overthink it.

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