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Dating expert shares the one big sign someone finds you attractive

Dating expert shares the one big sign someone finds you attractive

The one big sign you can look out for that signals that someone finds you attractive has been revealed

We've all had a crush before, but the issue has always been trying to find out whether they like you back or not.

It is the age old problem, but it looks like there is finally a way to find out if they find you as good looking as you find them.

There are numerous ways to take notice of the negative things in relationships, if you are being neglected by your partner or growing apart, but it may be just as hard to get into a relationship in the first place.

Trying to decipher if the person you're interested in feels the same, or whether that text the sent means *this* or *that*... there's no doubting it can get exhausting.

Luckily though, TikTok user @magnetizeyourman may just have broken the code and revealed the secret.

The account is run by married couple Antia and Brody, who also have a website together that helps people find healthy relationships, with Antia working as an 'Expert Love Coach'.

In their viral TikTok video, Brody explains: "One sign that you're more attractive than you think: You rarely get compliments on your looks."

Brody has revealed the key sign to look out for to tell if someone is attracted to you.

It may seem surprising, but he continues: "Now hear me out on this one cause it may seem counter intuitive, but think about it."

"If you're somebody who's attractive, most people will assume that you're already getting a lot of compliments on your looks, you've gotten them in the past, or that it may be cliche for them to compliment on your looks."

It does make sense, but then how would you know they were interested in you?

Brody revealed: "They'll compliment you on other things such as your personality, something you did, what you're wearing."

It could be that easy to identify, as he concludes: "It's something to consider, that that could be the case for you, that people may actually be not complimenting you as often because they already assume you're getting compliments in that specific area."

For all the overthinking and scrambled thoughts in your head over the person you're interested in, the answer might be right there.

The solution is easier to find than most may think, and it could save you a lot of time and headache.

Well, people were mindblown, with many taking to the comments to reveal how they actually don't seem to be complimented an awful lot, with one saying: "I rarely get compliments and yeah, I'm gorgeous. Worry less about what others think, just work on yourself and make goals."

And another pondered: "I thought that when they compliment my personality it is because I'm not attractive."

Who knew that it was right there in front of us?

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Photos / TikTok/@magnetizeyourman

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