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Woman says it's a major red flag if boyfriends fail the 'orange peel' test on daily basis

Woman says it's a major red flag if boyfriends fail the 'orange peel' test on daily basis

Just when you thought you'd passed them all, there's another test for your relationship

Just when you thought there was enough of them being sought out and waved about, here’s another red flag to add into the flock.

Yep, someone’s gone viral for the next dating trend on TikTok and this one isn’t about ‘pennies’, it’s about oranges.

Apparently, it’s an absolute red flag if boyfriends fail the ‘orange peel’ test on a daily basis.

Yeah, bet you didn’t know about this one.

A woman explained how this bizarre sounding ‘orange peel theory’ works in a video and to be honest, on the surface it’s a little more sweet than sour.

Anna Birmingham described: “When your partner does an act of service for you that’s something that you are perfectly capable of doing on your own.”

She explains this is for ‘really small stuff’ like, you guessed it, like ‘peeling an orange’.

Anna explained the theory.

“Let’s say that for whatever reason I hate peeling my oranges, but I really like oranges. I ask my partner ‘hey babe would you mind peeling this orange for me?’

“And they can either respond with ‘of course love not a problem at all’. Or they can say ‘no, you are perfectly capable of peeling that orange yourself’.

“Or maybe my partner already knows that I really don’t f*ck with citrus and has the orange already peeled and prepared for me.”

Anna claims the response reveals a lot about their ‘attitude towards you and your relationship’.

She urges people to ‘never beg’ for their partner to be like that because they already should be, and if not, there lies the red flag.

Turns out it’s important to a lot of people too as users commented: “My love language is orange peel theory.”

Another sweetly said: “This immediately made me think about how my dad always peels my mum’s oranges without asking because she hates it.”

Others say they’re ‘so lucky’ to have a partner who does their versions of ‘orange peeling’ for them.

Ok, it's about a little more than oranges.
Getty Stock Image

And people revealed they’ve ended up divorced because they had to ‘beg’ their partner to do things. Ouch.

Now the ‘theory’ has become a viral trend on TikTok as users share what their partners do for them.

One baker even shared how their boyfriend gave her a container of eggs with all the whites already separated from the yolks because she’d been struggling with her long nails. She actually cried over his kind act.

So, this ‘red flag’ isn’t really one to be worried about, it’s more just making sure your partner knows you’re looking out for them.

Go on lads, peel that orange with all your might.

Featured Image Credit: @annabhamm/TikTok/Getty Stock Image

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