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Gender reveal goes horribly wrong in Ring doorbell footage

Gender reveal goes horribly wrong in Ring doorbell footage

The unfortunate gender reveal blunder was caught on camera

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Smart doorbells come with a number of handy uses — from being able to answer the door from any room in your home to dealing with parcel deliveries when you’re not in.

They can also capture some unexpected moments, as one family learned the hard way thanks to their Ring Video Doorbell.

Let’s just say, the gender reveal didn’t exactly go to plan and it was all recorded on their doorbell for our viewing pleasure.

When Simon and Bronagh Laverty from Craigavon, Northern Ireland were getting ready to host their friends and family at their home to share whether they were expecting a baby girl or a baby boy, they enlisted the help of a balloon packed full of either pink or blue confetti to do so.

But, as the clip captured by their doorbell showcased, their balloon burst suddenly just as the father-to-be was walking out the front door of their home. And the telltale blue confetti that escaped from it spoiled the surprise for them prematurely.

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Right before disaster struck.

Not only did Simon now know that he and his wife were expecting a baby boy but Bronagh also found out the gender in real time after receiving a motion detector alert from Ring on her phone.

Simon explained that his wife immediately called out to him, “What just happened?! Have we literally just found out what we’re having?”

He recalled that even though he was going through a number of different emotions after seeing the balloon pop, he was both happy and relieved to find out that his wife had seen the reveal as well.

Simon shared: “We look back at the video all the time, it gives us a laugh about what happened and how we found out. Catching it on camera was even more special than doing it in front of friends and family as we can keep and cherish it.”

The moment was captured on their Ring doorbell.

He did, however, rush out to get a new balloon so as not to spoil the surprise for their closest friends and family.

“To be honest we had to play along with the whole thing and make sure no one else knew that we found out before the new balloon had popped, as we didn’t want to ruin the surprise for everyone else,” he affirmed.

The couple’s loved ones also found it incredibly funny after they eventually saw the clip.

As Simon and Bronagh were subscribed to one of Ring’s subscription plans, this meant that they could download, save and rewatch the footage for up to 180 days after the unexpected incident.

And the happy parents can’t wait to show their son Theo – who will be three in November – the video one day.

“It will be good for the wee man when he’s older to show him and say ‘This is how we found out what you were going to be'!” Simon told Ring.

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Featured Image Credit: Ring

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