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Woman in tears after stranger pays for her weekly shop

Woman in tears after stranger pays for her weekly shop

She was incredibly emotional after someone helped her out with the food shop

A woman was left in tears after a stranger helped pay for her weekly food shop.

With the cost of living crisis punishing so many people there are plenty going through all sorts of undeserved hardships.

Ideally things wouldn't be so damn expensive and people would be better paid so they were able to afford the important stuff like putting food on the table.

In lieu of that sometimes people need a bit of a helping hand from a kindly stranger who happens to be in the right place at the right time.

That's what happened to a mum-of-three after she took to TikTok to post an emotional video explaining that a stranger had helped pay for her food shop.

The food shop came to £41.65 and she was thinking what she'd have to put back when a stranger stepped in.
TikTok/ @boowitchy

TikToker @boowitchy explained that she was doing her food shop but when she got to the checkout didn't have enough money to cover the £41.65 price.

She said: "I've literally gone home to cry. I was doing a food shop today. And this is all we've got, for a family of four for the week.

"And I got to the till and I didn't have enough [...] and there were people staring at me."

"And I was trying to decide what we need more than something else. I thought she was going to shout at me or call me names. I thought she was going to be really awful to me, but she weren't'."

"She reminded that just because I'm struggling at the moment, doesn't mean I'm a bad mum."

"And that there is people out there who have gone through the same thing and can relate. There are so many people out there who have gone through what I've gone through today."

A kind stranger helped her pay for her food shop.
TikTok/ @boowitchy

The TikToker received a huge amount of support for her video, which was posted on 26 September, with people flooding the comments to reassure her.

One person said the woman who offered to help cover the cost of the food must have been 'one of god's angels' and encouraged the TikToker to 'pay it forward when you get a chance'.

Another wrote in to tell her 'you are NOT a bad mum', letting her know that so many were struggling because 'things are hard right now' and it was not a sign that she was a bad parent.

Someone else said she made £20 'stretch for me and my son every week' and told the woman she was a 'great mum doing her best'.

Featured Image Credit: @boowitchy/tiktok

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