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Travel expert reveals the best seat on a plane that gets passengers ‘anything they want’

Travel expert reveals the best seat on a plane that gets passengers ‘anything they want’

A travel expert has taken to TikTok to reveal the best seat on a plane.

The 'unspoken rights on an aeroplane seat' have been revealed and passengers are agreeing with almost everything.

Travel expert and American TV host Samantha Brown has settled the debate on which plane seat can get a passenger 'anything they want', within reason, of course.

Taking to CNN's TikTok page, the 53-year-old opened up on seat etiquette rules that need 'to be shown at the beginning of every flight'.

"There are definitely unspoken rights on an aeroplane seat," she said.

"The window seat is pretty simple, gets the right to the window.

"If they would like to shade up, they keep the shade up.

"The aisle seat cannot tell the window seat person to put the shade down."

Travel expert Samantha Brown revealed the best seat to have on an airplane.

"The aisle seat, This is my favourite seat. I love it because I can be a free range passenger," Samantha added.

"It feels like I have more space. The middle seat, they get anything they want. "Namely, two of the armrests.

"If the window seat and the aisle seat people have their arms here, you do have every right just to kind of slowly push them off.

"Do I recline? Yes and no, I do not recline if the trip is under three hours.

"Over three hours, I want to get comfortable. So yes, I am going to recline."

And fellow passengers in the comments agreed with pretty much everything she said - well, apart from one bit.

One person wrote: "Agree with everything minus recline. I’ll recline for a 30 min flight."

Another added: "Idc if the flight is 15 mins, I’m sending that seat back."

Meanwhile, a third argued: "It isn’t rude to recline your seat, it’s a feature for a reason.

"The person behind you can recline theirs if they have a problem."

While someone who claimed to be cabin crew also said: "Flight crew here. Agree with all of it except recline. It’s an offered feature, so why not use it."

"This needs to be a spoken rule, esp about the middle seat." a fifth shared.

"I always thought the armrests were first come first serve lol." someone else said.

"Ridiculous that airlines have crammed these seats si close together that we have to have reclining rules," another person pointed out.

I guess a simple solution to the recliner debate is to just ask the person behind you?

If they say 'no' then do it anyway (joking, kind of).

Featured Image Credit: CNN/Getty Stock Images

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