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Brits urged to snap up bargain long weekend to 'magical' country with £1.75 pints

Brits urged to snap up bargain long weekend to 'magical' country with £1.75 pints

A cheap summer holiday for those in the UK to one of Europe's 'most underrated' countries

People in the UK looking for a bargain summer holiday need to look no further, with a long weekend in Europe available for just over £150 - and that's for everything while you're there.

As the warmer months arrive and the UK remains somewhat awful in what it is offering us back home, those who don't have a summer break planned might well be looking overseas for somewhere decent and affordable.

It's the sweet spot, where you don't have to spend much cash while landing a stunning break away from the place we call home, embracing the culture of another spot in the world.

Well you're in luck - and that is thanks to one popular traveller over on TikTok.

Through the social media channel, @emsbudgettravel, you can find yourself benefiting from dozens of travels tips when it comes to getting around the world without paying more than you would like.

One of the channels most recent videos focused in on one European destination that you can easily get too nowadays from the UK after Ryanair opened up travel routes to the country.

Absolutely stunning (Getty Stock Images)
Absolutely stunning (Getty Stock Images)

And Em, who runs the channel, revealed that she took advantage of that new route, spending four days there with the grand total cost of the holiday coming in just under £160, which at first just sounds too good to be true.

Narrating over clips from the country, Em says: "This is one of the most underrated countries in Europe and one of the cheapest I've been to nine countries so far in 2024."

Taking to the skies, Em revealed her total bill for the long weekend was £158.44. And that was for a combination of the flights, hotel, transport, excursions, and trying the local food.

Mostar bridge and Neretva River from above (Getty Stock Images)
Mostar bridge and Neretva River from above (Getty Stock Images)

The country in question is Bosnia and Herzegovina, which until 1992, was part of Yugoslavia alongside Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia, and Montenegro.

Giving her two cents on the country, Em said it was lived up to a reputation of being 'one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe'.

Staying in the capital city Sarajevo, she said it was 'beautiful and felt really safe'.

Em said: "The locals were very friendly. Even the bus drivers. The whole country is filled with stunning scenery, mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls.

"If you come to Bosnia you also have to visit Mostar, which is a small city about two hours away from the capital on the train. So it's an easy day trip, but this was the highlight of the trip for me."

There's plenty to explore in Old Town Sarajevo (Getty Stock Images)
There's plenty to explore in Old Town Sarajevo (Getty Stock Images)

She added: "The city felt so magical and it was perfect base to explore for hours. People also jumped off the bridge here into the river, which was interesting too. Overall, it was an amazing trip and I definitely wanted more than the four days I had here so this is somewhere I'll definitely be revisiting to explore more."

Ryanair flies to Sarajevo International Airport from London Stansted Airport - with flights in August going from £19.99.

Pints in the capital city can cost you as little as £1.75, with much of the produce local to the country and eastern region of Europe.

Some four star hotels in Sarajevo also go for £45 a night, which is just over £20 each if there's two of you.

So you can really take advantage if you're on a budget or upgrade to something a little fancier for not very much at all.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images

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