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Beach is one of UK's best hidden secrets and is only revealed at a low tide

Beach is one of UK's best hidden secrets and is only revealed at a low tide

The stunning beach hides a secret that is only revealed during low tide

A popular British tourist spot has a lesser-known hidden area that only reveals itself during low tide.

Crantock Beach, in Cornwall, is a big hit with holidaymakers hoping to enjoy a bit of sun without having to leave the country - and it’s easy to see why as its golden sands and swimmer-friendly waters are enough to rival any beach you might find abroad.

But while the beach is a popular spot, it's also home to some small, hidden caves - that are much easier to miss and are only accessible when there’s a low tide.

Oh and they also contain quite a sweet message etched into the rock. Intriguing, eh?

Carved into the rocks is several images including the face of a woman, a horse and a love heart, as well as the words: "Mar not my face by let me be/Secure in this lone cavern by the sea/Let the wild waves around me roar/Kissing my lips for evermore.”

It’s not known who is responsible for the cave’s drawings, but if you want to believe the local legend - and who doesn’t? - they were probably the handiwork of a heartbroken bloke named Joseph Prater, whose lover was washed out to sea while riding on the beach on her horse.

Would you believe this is in the UK?
Gordon Scammell/Loop Images/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Locals say the carvings were a way for Joseph to feel close to his lost-love.

And while the bleak story is probably enough to break a tear to your eye, it also serves as a warning to anyone who fancies visiting the caves for themselves.

If you do want to go, make sure you only go during low-tide and if possible get yourself a local tour guide who will be able to tell you the safest route.

It’s also strongly advised that you don’t go out there alone and that you’re aware of the time the tides are due to come in.

Crantock Beach, in Cornwall, is a big hit with holidaymakers.
Gordon Scammel/Loop Images/Universal Images/Getty Images

And due to the recent run of unseasonable rainy weather, the National Trust is currently advising people to avoid them altogether.

In a statement the National Trust explained: "Following the recent weather and spring tides, we’re asking visitors to take extra care around the dune system at Crantock beach. Please stay clear from the base of the sand cliffs and do not allow children to play near them."

But don’t feel too put out - there’s still plenty on offer in the area, including paddle boarding and surfing.

Featured Image Credit: Gordon Scammel/Loop Images/Universal Images/Getty Images

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