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People vow to ‘never’ go on a cruise after seeing ‘terrifying’ reality of what they look like at night

People vow to ‘never’ go on a cruise after seeing ‘terrifying’ reality of what they look like at night

What would it take for you to go on a cruise ship at night?

People are vowing to never step foot on a cruise ship after a man showed the scary reality of what they look like at night.

Going on a cruise is something that you might find on a lot of people’s bucket lists or dream holiday scenario.

But, maybe it’s not as luxurious when the sun goes down?

You’ll never know how truly ‘creepy’ cruise ships are in the middle of the ocean during the night, but those who have experienced it understand very well.

Especially TikTok user @chasingthedream.hj, who recently shared one of the most terrifying clips ever and commenters vowed to never step foot on a boat after watching it.

He explained: "Cruises are great until you realise how dark the ocean gets at night."

User @chasingthedream.hj showed viewers exactly what to expect on a cruise and they were freaked.
TikTok/ @chasingthedream.hj

Now, this isn’t just out on the streets dark where various sources of light help you to navigate your way home. This is ‘into the void’ black.

And the folks on the world's longest cruise are going to have to put up with nine months of this inky black abyss.

The TikToker continued: "Unless you've been on a cruise ship, you're not going to understand how dark it gets at night.

"And then they say, 'all you're doing is showing the swimming pool', it's kind of because there's nothing to see if you look overboard at night because it's absolutely pitch black."

Calling it 'the blackest black you'll ever see', he panned over towards the sea to show viewers a horrifying scene.

The ocean looks like a pool of ink, without a spec of light to see beyond the void.

A fresh wave of commenters found the TikTok video and were equally horrified about the realities of cruise ships.

Whilst some were curious about the experience, others even went as far as to claim that they couldn't be paid enough to step foot on the boat.

Can you blame them?

One person asked a very good question regarding the darkness. They said: “Why can’t u see the stars??”

You’ll notice that they’re right.

Not one star can be seen in the video, which is probably why it’s so eerie.

People were understandably spooked by the view and quickly began to rattle off reasons as to why they’ll never go on a cruise ship now that they know what lies beyond the cocktail parties and sunny skies.

How dark is too dark?
TikTok/ @chasingthedream.hj

One user said: "Nope, I have a weird thing about bodies of water at night! That would creep me out way too much.”

Another wrote: "You cannot pay me enough to go on a cruise."

A third put: "And that’s why…..I WILL NEVER.”

Some even shared their own experience of being on a cruise ship during the night.

One person wrote: “I love cruising. But I made the mistake of heading outside on a lower deck at night.

"Almost had a panic attack when I saw the black.”

Are you still going to book your sail across the ocean after seeing this?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @chasingthedream.hj

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