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Cruise ship reality leaves viewers wanting to 'throw up and cry' after watching Drake Passage footage

Cruise ship reality leaves viewers wanting to 'throw up and cry' after watching Drake Passage footage

A trip like no other

A mum has revealed exactly what it's like to have dinner on one of the most notorious stretches of sea in the world - and it's not for the faint hearted.

Travelling on a cruise ship isn't for everyone, but they are holidays that thousands enjoy every single year, whether retired with your partner, solo, or as a family.

Some will even see it as their perfect career choice.

Most will set sail on a sunny voyage, heading to some of the best locations that money can take you to.

A trip around the Mediterranean or Caribbean sounds just perfect on this front.

But for some, the sun isn't everything.

And for those who decide they want to head towards the south pole, enter the Drake Passage.

The Drake Passage is a dangerous body of water between South America's Cape Horn, Chile, Argentina and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica, known for its rough waters and incredibly high waves.

It can make even the biggest cruise ships feel a little uneasy despite their gigantic size and heavy mass.

The huge waves.
@nobackhome / TikTok

Passengers riding on cruise ships through the Drake Passage are told they can expect something called 'Drake Lake' or 'Drake Shake', with it among the choppiest waters in the entire world - if not the choppiest.

The reality of what it can do to even the biggest cruise ships in the world has been laid bare by TikTok user Karilyn, who posted under her account @nobackhome, where she documents travelling the world with her 13-year-old son.

Posting a video of them enjoying dinner while travelling through the Drake Passage, the reality of the size of the waves hit home.

Passengers couldn't contain their reaction to the huge ship rocking back and forth.
@nobackhome / TikTok

Taking a window seat, it showed them appearing to float up in to the sky before their side of the ship came crashing down with 15-foot swells looks like they were going to engulf the cruise ship.

Those sat at the table with Karilyn couldn't contain their reaction to it, with most of them left opened-mouthed at the raw brutality of nature.

Reacting, one TikTok user wrote: "The way I would be running around screaming / crying / throwing up."

A second said: "I'm dizzy just looking at this."

A third added: "More than 20,000 people have drowned here. I wouldn't be laughing.

"The Drake Passage is the main reason for the Panama Canal."

A fourth posted: "I literally can't even watch this video without getting sea sick. I would DIE."

Featured Image Credit: @nobackhome / TikTok

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