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Stunning Greek island villa that's only £50 a head per night and 10 minutes from iconic bars and clubs

Stunning Greek island villa that's only £50 a head per night and 10 minutes from iconic bars and clubs

A bargain when you go in a group

Sometimes a luxury holiday doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Especially if there's a decent sized group of you all heading overseas.

Sure, there's absolutely nothing wrong with going to a bargain destination. Who doesn't love or take advantage of a £15 Ryanair flight to islands where pints are just £1?

But it's often fun to look elsewhere at something a bit more exotic and upmarket (in price, anyway).

And in doing this, you can still come across a bargain that costs the fraction of a price of a decent hotel room anywhere in the United Kingdom.

One tiny island in the Aegean Sea - between Greece and Turkey - lies a stunning Greek island that is one of the most luxurious destinations that the world has to offer.

With blue seas and picturesque white buildings seemingly carved in to the backdrops, it is one of the most idyllic island's Europe has.

It's also got one of the best nightlifes in world, with beach parties and open air clubbing under the stars a common occurrence in this part of the world.

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We're on about the Greek island of Mykonos.

And while it's hit the headlines for charging guests more than £600 for a meal and drinks, that's certainly only one end of the spectrum.

Found just 150 metres from the island's Ftelia beach is Sunset Beach, a stunning villa on one of the island's picturesque cliff sides.

It's a truly luxurious property, with gorgeous architecture and interior design as well as perfect sea and sunset views.

Sunset Beach villa.
Blue Moon

And with four bedrooms sleeping a total of eight, the property is the perfect opportunity for either a holiday with the extended family or one with your core group of mates.

Starting at £400 a night, that's only £50 a head, making a week on the island cost less than £400 each.

On top of that, it's only a 10 minute taxi ride from the likes of Paradise, Tropicana and Cavo Paradiso nightclubs.

For those who don't want the legendary nightlife, the days can be filled with gorgeous walks down stone-paved alleyways, walking by whitewashed homes, chapels, and windmills. Truly one for both ends of the holidaying spectrum.

The Sunset Beach villa.
Blue Moon

The official tourism board, Visit Greece, says: "What makes this island special is that it can cover a variety of demands: you can visit it for its archaeological sites; get to know the local traditions in its picture-perfect villages; and you can explore its amazing beaches, considered by many as the top ones in the Aegean Sea."

And to make matters easier, Mykonos has its own airport, with April flights to the island starting at £26.99 from London Gatwick Airport with easyJet.

You're looking at from £30.99 for September flights from London Luton and from £62.99 in August from Manchester. The journey is roughly three hours and 50 minutes depending on which UK airport you fly from.

September would avoid the crowds while keeping high temperatures, which might make for the best all-round experience.

Featured Image Credit: Blue Moon / Getty Stock Images

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