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Holidaymaker outraged after being charged £612 by Greek restaurant for 'four drinks and food'

Holidaymaker outraged after being charged £612 by Greek restaurant for 'four drinks and food'

A group of tourists were disgusted when they received the bill for a few beachside drinks

When you're heading off on holiday, you've got to be careful, one slip up and you could end up severely out of pocket.

And that's just what happened to a group of holidaymakers when they were left forking out over £600 at a beachside bar.

The Italian tourists were enjoying a nice trip Mykonos in Greece when they decided to pull up a pew and enjoy the view.

And they just so happened to pick out DK Oyster in Platys Gialos as the perfect place for a drink.

Unfortunately for them, though, in a post shared to Trip Advisor, they claimed that it was anything but.

DK Oyster has received another bad review.

Branding the prices 'abusive', the user said they had just popped in for a few drinks and a bit of food, and ended up falling victim to the 'biggest cheaters and thieves in Mykonos'.

Recalling their visit, the diner said: "We were convinced to sit there for free and at no point were we informed about the abusive price of the food and drinks. We drank three orange juices, one Aperol Spritz and a medium portion of squids and shrimps, and at the end I needed to pay 711,00 euros!!!

"They are the biggest cheaters and thieves of Mykonos. They offer the food without explaining the details.

"They transformed our experience into a horrible one. They damage the image of Mykonos."

The person added: "If I had time I would have called the police but we needed to return to the ship. They should be closed!!!!

"Never stop there, there are other much, much cheaper options even paying for the sun bed."

LADbible has contacted DK Oyster for comment.

The swanky restaurant has been called out before.

This isn't the first time the swanky eatery has come in for some criticism from customers, though.

Earlier this year, the restaurant hit back at one diner who complained after they claimed they had paid £50 for a lemonade.

"When we came to pay, they charged €58 (£49) for the lemonade. On what planet is that acceptable," the customer blasted.

The restaurant said the customer 'does not want to pay for the price of the services and products provided by other hard working people', before adding 'there is no illegal action described'.

They added: "There is no way to be sure who you are - I have no recollection of a customer who ordered a lemonade and a sandwich.

"I do not know when and if you were ever a guest, but you surely have the nerve to post this attempted slander hidden behind your anonymity."

Featured Image Credit: DK Oyster

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