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The ‘new Iceland’ that is just two hours from UK and costs less than £100 to visit

The ‘new Iceland’ that is just two hours from UK and costs less than £100 to visit

There are also a load of exciting activities on offer

For years, Brits have loved travelling to Iceland (the country, not the supermarket chain) for the Northern Lights and stunning views - but the country is notoriously expensive.

If you want to book a trip there, you might be looking at dropping a fair few quid on hotels and flights in the process. Not to mention £7 pints.

Iceland received a record-breaking 2.2 million visitors in 2023 and it could set you back nearly £200 each way on flights in the busy months, according to Expedia.

Meanwhile, a potentially much cheaper alternative is a place with 18 volcanic islands, between Iceland, Norway and Scotland.

The ‘new Iceland’

Here is the ‘new Iceland’. (TikTok/@our_awesome_world)
Here is the ‘new Iceland’. (TikTok/@our_awesome_world)

The Faroe Islands have been dubbed the 'new Iceland', and are only a two hour and 10 minute flight from London.

Amid the top ten things to do in the Faroe Islands is visiting the wonderful Mulafossur Waterfall, or to take a historic walking tour in Tinganes.

You can also go on boat tours to visit the wild Vestmanna bird cliffs of northwestern Streymoy, as well as plenty of cathedrals, castles and lighthouses on offer - a nice addition to your Instagram highlights.

And for the first time, Atlantic Airways are running direct services from Gatwick on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 1 June to 31 August.

Depending on when you book, you're looking at flights upwards of £96, which is a lot cheaper than flying to Iceland, as reported by the Metro.

What do visitors think of the Faroe Islands?

Is this a bit of you? (TikTok/@our_awesome_world)
Is this a bit of you? (TikTok/@our_awesome_world)

Visitors have largely been raving about the destination, with one person commenting: "We visited Iceland before Faroe.

"IMO, Faroe landscapes took my breath away…more than they did in Iceland…[they were like] something out of the wildest story book.

"If you want calm and quiet then the Faroe Islands will have that in spades, even more so than Iceland," penned a second.

Although they warned: "Just be prepared/cautious when hiking alone though, even though it’s a small place you can end up isolated pretty damn quickly, and there’s no shelter from the elements once you’re out there."

"Having just returned from four wonderful days on the Faroe Islands I can heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to truly get away from it all," someone else said.

"An important word of warning however, you may get away from more than you bargained for.

"The Faroe Islands are not as well connected to the outside world as you may expect."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@our_awesome_world

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