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First-of-its-kind 'grans go free' holiday package launched so you can make memories with grandparents

First-of-its-kind 'grans go free' holiday package launched so you can make memories with grandparents

If you wanted to take grandma and grandad on holiday with you, now's your chance

You'll be able to take your grandparents on holiday for free thanks to a new offer which flips the standard 'kids go free' dynamic on its head.

Normally when you're browsing the special offers for a holiday, it's the young'uns who'd be able to tag along for nothing.

However, according to easyJet the whippersnappers might have to make way for the Werther's Original brigade in their special offer as they've launched their 'grans go free' packages.

A few easyJet holidaymakers can take a grandparent abroad with them for free with a new offer.
Gerard Bottino/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

According to a new poll of 2,000 British adults, more than half (56 percent) say they regret not spending more time with their grandparents and a similar amount (54 percent) would love to bring grandma and grandad along on their next holiday.

A majority of Brits have also not been on holiday with their grandparents, so this might be the chance to sort that out and make some memories.

If you're going on holiday with easyJet and bringing both your kids and your parents then you have a chance to take advantage of the 'grans go free' deal.

Basically, there are 20 offers up for grabs between today (1 February) and Monday (5 February) which will add a discount that lets a senior travel abroad for free if the booking also includes their grandchild.

The holidays will have to be taken between today and 31 October this year and you'll need to be setting off from an airport in the UK to make the most of it.

Remember that you only get one discount per booking, so only one of grandma or grandad is coming along for free.

You can find out more about the 'grans go free' deal on easyJet's website along with all the terms, conditions and extra info on whether you have a chance of getting the discount.

Laugh it up guys, just wait until you see the offer only lets one of you travel for free.
Taylor Herring/easyJet

"We're proud to offer thousands of free kids places, but we feel it's time to recognise the grandparents," easyJet Holidays COO Matt Callaghan said.

"This research shows how important grandparent and grandchild relationships are and how much can be learned from making time for them.

"We've launched our 'grans go free' offer to tighten these important family relationships and allow travellers to get even better value, in addition to our Big Orange Sale.

"More families are choosing to holiday with grandparents, recognising the joy of a getaway is amplified when shared across generations.

"They are able to create new family memories which each generation will cherish - and for some of the parents, they might even have a free babysitter on hand too."

Try bringing grandma and grandad along for a family holiday and tell them they're around to look after the kids while you check out that cocktail bar on the beach, see what happens.

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