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Lad moves into Turkey hotel for a month because it’s cheaper than rent and bills in UK

Lad moves into Turkey hotel for a month because it’s cheaper than rent and bills in UK

There's worse places to be!

A lad got sick of the prices he was paying for his rent, so jetted off to Turkey for a month.

Rent prices in the UK don't look to be coming down anytime soon, with the average home £1,220 per month, according to Zoopla.

This is up 8.3 percent compared to last year.

One place in particular that's not getting any cheaper is Manchester.

Your average two-bed apartment in the northern city will set you back around £1,600 a month.

Someone who has experienced Manchester's hefty prices first hand is Josh Kerr, who ended up finding a trip abroad for a month that was cheaper than his rent and bills.

Taking to TikTok to document his decision, Josh explained to his followers: "Just found out that it's cheaper to live in a five star, all inclusive resort than it is to live in Manchester."

Josh went on to say that he'd seen an American TikToker look at how much a month-long holiday would be compared to renting his home, and wanted to look into it himself.

Josh explained that he pays £950 a month for his rent and bills.

Going online to look at a holiday starting 1 April, he found that he was able to go to Antalya, Turkey, for less than £1,000.

"I'm not being funny, but I pay £950 a month for my rent, bills, council tax, and that," Josh went on.

"Here you're getting breakfast, lunch, evening meal, drinks, snacks and a gaff for £937.10. That's with flights as well."

He further asked: "What are we doing in England?"

Evidently a lot of people related to the circumstances Josh is in as his video generated over one million views on TikTok, even landing him a deal with On the Beach.

The tour operating company saw his viral clip and actually sent him on the holiday that he found.

Josh has been living his best life in Turkey.

The hotel he initially found doesn't open until March, so Josh has been whisked away to a different five-star resort in Turkey instead.

This trip came to £944 - still working out cheaper than his rent.

In terms of what he's done regarding his work situation, Josh has been working remote from his hotel.

Yesterday (18 February) he posted a video of himself enjoying the 21 degree weather in Turkey and, as someone who is currently in Manchester, I can assure you there weather is not like that here.

BRB while I book a month-long holiday to Turkey.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/JoshKerr0

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