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Man proves it's cheaper to live at all-inclusive resort than to pay his current bills and rent

Man proves it's cheaper to live at all-inclusive resort than to pay his current bills and rent

He crunched the numbers and it turns out he could actually save money

A bloke has discovered that it's actually cheaper for him to stay at an all-inclusive resort than pay for rent and bills in his apartment in the US.

American Ben Keenan decided to tot up all his living expenses at home and then see if he could find a holiday for a similar price - and it turns out he could.

In the TikTok clip - which he captioned: 'Honestly, kind of a joke but kind of serious. I might just find myself on a beach somewhere sucking down cocktails and WHAT OF IT' - Ben asks: “Have we ever considered that it’s actually cheaper to live in an all-inclusive resort than it is to live in the apartments that we currently occupy?”

He goes on to explain that he began to get ‘curious’ about which was cheaper so made a list of all his current living expenses, including rent, utilities, dining out and groceries - all things you Ben reckons he could get at an all-inclusive resort - which totalled $4,000 (£3,167) a month.

Ben then searched for all-inclusive holidays in Mexico where he found that he could bag himself a month-long stay in Cancun for $4,445 (£3,519), which is slightly higher than his current outgoings but - as he pointed out - most likely a fair bit less than what some folks pay.

Ben found places to stay for cheaper than what he pays to live in his apartment.

He then looked for similar month-long all-inclusive breaks in the Dominican Republic, where he managed to find a trip for just $3,162 (£2,504) to stay at the Coral Costa Caribe Beach Resort.

Ben went on to say that you could even splash out on one of the pricer trips, costing around $7,500 (£5,543), if you were happy to split the cost with someone else and stay in one of the standard double rooms on offer.

Summing up his findings, he added: “So do with this information what you will, I just thought it was really interesting there’s a chance I could truly go and live an all-inclusive lifestyle somewhere for approximately the same cost as all of my monthly expenses.

"And that’s crazy to me.”

The post has since attracted plenty of comments from fellow TikTok users who seem keen on the idea, with one person writing: “All alcohol, no longer need my cleaning or lawn care people, there’s a swimming pool … you’re onto something … and when you get tired of one place just move to another on.”

Another said: “This is pretty brilliant honestly. I can do my job from anywhere... hmmm…”

While a third pointed out: “All I can think about is how much time we would save not cleaning, cooking and grocery shopping.”

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@ivebentravelling

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