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Bloke on cruise ship shares list of things that can get you banned

Bloke on cruise ship shares list of things that can get you banned

You definitely don't want to be doing these things on a cruise

A man who regularly travels on cruise ships has revealed the kind of stuff that will get you thrown off the boat.

Cruises are a hugely popular option for holidaymakers, especially if you want to see more than one place or if you're not a huge fan of flying.

Not only can you travel to all kinds of luxury destinations, but the food is amazing and the entertainment is non-stop.

Cruises are a popular option for holidaymakers.
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But, just because you're on holiday, it doesn't mean that there aren't certain rules you have to stick to.

TikToker @chasingthedream.hj regularly shares videos of his travels, offering tips and tricks for those looking to book cruises.

In one video, he explained there are certain behaviours that will get you banned from the ship - and one of them is pretty hilarious.

You can watch the video below:

"Did you know this about cruises? There's a couple of reasons you can actually get banned from a cruise or future cruises and it's basically anything revolving around jumping overboard, walking on the rails or anything going over the edge of the rails.

"Definitely wouldn't recommend jumping overboard or accidentally falling overboard, because most of the cruise ships are 20 stories high and it's a long way down and you might hurt yourself."

The TikToker then explained that surprisingly, you can also be kicked off for getting into a fight over the sun loungers.

He explained, however, that if you head to the deck during meal times - once the buffet is open - then they're pretty much all empty.

"Just wait till the buffet's open and all the people disappear, and they come and remove all the towels and then you can sit on any sun lounger you want."

The TikToker also revealed his number one tip for travelling on a cruise, explaining that he ended up in a stressful situation after their car broke down on the way to the cruise port.

There are a couple of things that could get you thrown off a cruise.

"My number one tip for first time cruisers, and this would be to travel up the day before if possible," he said.

"Anything can happen while travelling up to the airport or cruise port. Our car broke down on the way to the cruise once, it should have taken three hours but it took over 12 hours.

"Luckily we had booked in the day before so we had plenty of time to get to the cruise."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@chasingthedream.hj

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