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Couple 'wanted to call police' after buying two drinks then checking bill in Mykonos

Couple 'wanted to call police' after buying two drinks then checking bill in Mykonos

Lets face it, most of us have probably thought about calling the police over an outrageous bill before

Everyone knows that a holiday abroad is riddled with hidden costs everywhere you look.

Most of the time when we're confronted with we're confronted with these costs we sigh, shake our heads and pay anyway. But have you ever been slapped with a bill so outrageous that you've considered getting the police to intervene?

Well, that's exactly what happened with one couple on holiday in Greece when they received a three figure bill for lunch.

Last year, Oscar Maldonado and his boyfriend flew out to the Greek island of Mykonos for a luxury break and decided to splash out at waterfront restaurant DK Oyster.

Oscar Maldonado and his partner on holiday. (Mirrorpix/Oscar Maldonado)
Oscar Maldonado and his partner on holiday. (Mirrorpix/Oscar Maldonado)

The couple revealed in an interview with The Mirror that they had ordered themselves lobster pasta and two smoothies without seeing the menu.

However, the bill came and subsequently revealed their lunch had cost a grand total of €599.82 (£508), with nearly 100 Euros of their bill appearing to come from a service charge.

Understandably, the couple were horrified to see the final cost of the bill and challenged the waiter over the price - only to be told it was a 'service fee'.

"I felt tempted to call the police, but I didn't want to cause any trouble. I said 'How do you calculate this?' He just went on a rant repeating 'service fee'," Oscar said.

He continued: "I just paid and left. I was p***ed off for the rest of the day and it almost ruined my holiday. I would never go there. I would never recommend it.

"I really wasn't expecting it."

Oscar added that the service at the restaurant was 'really good' but claimed the menu was 'misleading to say the least'.

The bill from DK Oyster which the couple received. (Mirrorpix/Oscar Maldonado)
The bill from DK Oyster which the couple received. (Mirrorpix/Oscar Maldonado)

The couple aren't the only people who've been left dissatisfied with DK Oyster either, with the restaurant currently having a rating of just two stars on TripAdvisor.

Reviews often highlight the expensive prices for food and drink items, with one person claiming they paid '€120 for two drinks' while another accused the restaurant of '35 euros for a Coke Zero'.

Dimitrios Kalamaras, DK Oyster's manager, previously told The Sun: "Our sunbeds require minimum consumption, so we encourage all visitors to check the menus before placing their orders.

"I would like to note that our menus are displayed on blackboards near the entrance, showing the prices of our food and drinks to keep our guests informed."

He added: "In DK Oyster, we have advertised in the ways we consider suitable for our restaurant, and we will not succumb to the influencers who have been attracted to the beautiful island of Mykonos.

"We believe that the value of the offered experience is high and we have no intention to explain why we charge more than a supermarket or a traditional taverna, which can be quite wonderful but is surely a completely different concept than ours."

LADbible has approached DK Oyster for comment.

Featured Image Credit: (The Mirror/ Oscar Maldonado)

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