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Man's Ryanair bag hack to avoid paying for a suitcase leaves everyone asking the same question

Man's Ryanair bag hack to avoid paying for a suitcase leaves everyone asking the same question

The outcome has confused a fair few viewers

A man's hack to avoiding paying for checked bags onboard a Ryanair flight has left his viewers all asking the same question.

TikTok user Rob Adcock regularly posts videos about budget travel and some of the tips and tricks you can benefit from when it comes to flying with the likes of Ryanair, easyJet, and Jet2.

In one of his most recent videos, Rob tasked himself with seeing if he could fit his 20kg baggage in to one free Ryanair carry on.

Ryanair rules stipulate that every passenger can have one free small bag that they can take on the plane, measuring a maximum of 40cm x 20x x 25cm.

You can also have a cabin bag, weighing a max of 10kg, measuring a max of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. But this must be purchased before boarding.

And then there's the checked bags, which are a maximum of 10kg or 20kg and are dropped at check-in desk before airport security. They must also be purchased beforehand.

For Rob, he wanted to see if he could fit his 20kg bag into the free bag through the help of one vital device: a vacuum packer.

And in a big coincidence for the Brit, his mum and dad just happened to own one. And an industrial sized one at that.

Rob Adcock.
@robdidatiktok / TikTok

It would have cost Rob £60 each way to have checked in the bag for his flight to Madrid, which came to a total of 21.74kg.

Taking to his TikTok channel @robdidatiktok, Rob said: "This might just be the greatest thing I have ever attempted. This could be beyond my wildest dreams.

"We know the Ryanair can charge up to £60 to take a suitcase on holiday. We also know the idea of paying that makes me feel physically unwell.

"But the free carrying bag that you get doesn't say anything about how much it can weigh, just the size.

"My friend messaged me saying - 'why don't you try and vacuum pack a bag?' - so that is what we're bloody well doing.

"Booked flight to Madrid, got that suitcase all lovely and full. 21.74 kilos is this bad boy.

"My mum and dad live on a farm, right, and I don't know how I've never thought about this before, but they own an industrial vacuum packer. I know it's a bit random and just thinking about this, it properly makes me giddy."

Rob said the vacuum packing experience was 'like some kind of mad ASMR experience'.

Passengers getting on a Ryanair flight.
Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

After sucking the air out of all his clothes, Rob's clothes fit like a hand in glove.

"I can't put into words my level of excitement," he said. "Am I Stoke-on-Trent's version of Albert Einstein?"

Rob said that at boarding, Ryanair staff were checking and charging those whose bags didn't fit the size of weight limits placed upon the free small bag allowed or the cabin bag.

Thankfully for him, he was allowed through with a North Face Fusebox bag that looked like it could well have been slightly larger than the size limits allowed.

The experience left his viewers all asking the same thing - how did he get it all home?

One said: "I wonder what he's gonna do for his return flight?"

A second posted: "But how do you vacuum packets for your return return journey? I guess you would need to find a vacuum cleaner?"

And a third asked: "Fabulous idea but how you going to repeat the process on the way back?"

Well, LADbible has the answer. Rob told us that the clothing was mostly items that 'at the end of their use' and had seen better days.

With them neither good enough to keep or donate to charity, he binned them in Madrid.

But he said if he had been taking them back, borrowing a vacuum cleaner from the hotel he was staying at would have worked.

He said: "I’ve since heard about people taking their own bags and sucking the air out with the straw - which sounds LONG - and one person told me they take reusable vacuum bags and use the hotel's hoover to take the air out."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@‌robdidatiktok / Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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